Max Kelile?

My four-star reds are as follows:

  • Gormek + 6
  • Kelile 3^60
  • Kelile 3^55
  • Kelile 1^1

I also have all red three-stars maxed, and no red five-stars.

I have 10 hidden blades. Since I can’t seem to pull any other four-star red, do I go ahead and ascend one Kelile to 4^1? I can’t imagine leveling a third Kelile to 3^60, but folks don’t seem high on giving her blades. Not sure what to do. So frustrating. I now have:

  • 3 Keliles, but no Boldtusk, Scarlett or Wilbur
  • 3 Tiburtuses and 2 Sabinas, but no Regard or Proteus
  • 2 Grimm’s, but no Kiril or Boril
  • 3 Danzaburos, but no… eh, he’s as good as any other four-star yellows, I guess

Hope that Hero Academy turns out to be worth it.

8/8 Special skill

Personally I would take your second Kelile to 4* 3.60 then use your red 1* / 2* heroes on any hero that has 8/8 special skill, reguardless of color.

Elemental Red summons

It might be worth doing some Elemental red summons to get another red 4* hero.

I now have 4x Wilbur, 4x Boldtusk, 3x Scarlett , 2x Gormek, but before my first Boldtusk and first Wilbur I drew 12x Colen 10x Kelile from Elemental red summons while spending $100 USD chasing Boldtusk and HotM Delilah.


Oh, definitely planning on that.

Considered that. It’s a short-term plan anyway. Have a few more levels on Sonya and Tyrum to reach max, but then, I’ll be out of 8/8 heroes.

Spent all my gems chasing Guardians and rabbits. Will take a couple of weeks to get enough. Struck out on Atlantis summons this time, too. Bad thing is, when I finish Mnesseus 3^1, I’ll be down to just Carver 2^1, then be out of green projects, too. Hope my TC20 is good to me. Actually going to start another one in another day and a half when its upgrade finishes. Will do that at least until I have decent red and green projects. Have Thorne 1^1 and Grimm 1^1 in blue, Balthazar 1^12 and Domitia 1^1 in purple, and Poseidon 2^44 and Li Xiu 1^1 in yellow.

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I have a maxed Kelile (+3), recently got Anzogh but before that red 5s eluded me. I know Kelile doesn’t get much love, there are just too many excellent reds, but she’s not horrible at all. Her true potential came out when maxed - she’s still low on health but decent def and att. Fast and with a burn. Mini Marjana! I bring her along raiding and in war offense and maxed she often get to fire twice. Like her a lot!


4* 4.70 take a lot of Hero XP.

While not ideal, you could use Grimm for red and green 1* / 2* heroes.

I use two Grimm ( 4*+9 and 4* 3.60 ) since Barbarian Class quests are both 3x red Bosses.

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Thanks for this perspective. With a sniper hit, fast mana, and DoT, she might have been a better option for me in this raid tournament if I’d had her maxed. Both of my leveled Keliles definitely get run during war. Still thinking about what to do.

Call me crazy, but I’m going to take Thorne to 2^60 next in blue before starting a second Grimm. I can already complete both barbarian trials, but at 2^60, Thorne would be my second best paladin behind Sonya.


Getting more emblems

Good plan.

A green Paladin would be useful for 50% of the Class quests. But blue Paladin is useful for the other 50%. There are a lot of blue Paladins.

Loot 1* / 2* heroes

I am leveling to 5* 2.60 Aegir, Khagan ( both for class quests ), Vivica ( using yellow 1* ) since you need to spend your loot 1* / 2* heroes somewhere

I agree that Kelile doesn’t get much credit here, but that’s only because all of the other 4* reds are so strong. If she was any other color she’d be more desirable.

I’d max one, since you don’t have other good options. She’s a great fast hitter with a much stronger afterburn than people give credit for, especially with a fast mana.


That’s interesting that two folks have that perspective now. I’m typically a person that believes that every hero has a place, so if it’s really just the case that Kelile doesn’t compare favorably to the other reds, but is a good hero in her own right, I might go ahead and give her the blades. (That’s probably the surest way to ensure pulling Boldtusk! Thanks to @Gryphonknight’s “no regrets leveling”, I’d still have enough for him if he showed up, anyway.) If I had someone better I was looking to power level, I might go ahead and spend off color, but since I don’t have darts for Onatel/Poseidon and my other five-stars are still at 1^1, that’s not really the case. Also, since I’m trying to not have to buy more roster space (more gems for summons), being able to feed away reds immediately has some value, since I’m about to finish my other 8/8 heroes (Sonya and Tyrum).

No joke! Adding Thorne to the mix may come at the expense of a paladin of another color, so there is some risk there, but I want to kick the tires on him a bit to see if I hate him as much as everyone else seems to. I’m excited to have a few five-stars now, and with a reasonably decent bench, I’d like to see what I’ve actually got before I make plans to level them with rare stuff.


Which, of course, ensures NOT pulling Boldtusk, so I can clearly NOT max the Kelile in front of you!


Truly, you have a dizzying intellect. Better start working on my immunity to iokane powder!


I have no regrets about maxing Kelile. I’m about to take a second Kelile to 4th tier. She’s a fast mana sniper with decent damage and a powerful DoT as well. I prefer Kelile to Scarlett because of Kelile’s DoT

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That’s notable. A lot of folks really seem to like Scarlett. I don’t have her yet for comparison, but this makes me think even more than I might go ahead with the last ascension. Will probably wait until tomorrow to see if the freebie on the Springvale calendar has an EHT. I’ll also get one more TC20 pull tomorrow. If nothing comes from those, Kelile probably gets the blades.


I don’t think you’ll regret raising Kelile. I have Scarlett and she’s definitely not bad either, but she’s never once turned the tables in war or raids - Kelile has on several occasions. Scarlett to me is nice tile damage in colour stacking, but her special is meh and she’s extremely squishy (but must say that this really depends on your opposition - I always raid teams a lot stronger than me, and it doesn’t do me any good if Magnis or Azlars attacks are slightly reduced; they kill my 4s anyways. I need them dead before they fire!)

Kelile is next in line for blades for me because my red bench has all healers and support and no hitters. If I had a Scarlett, I might level her next, but I don’t, and I don’t think I would if I did.

The vibe I get is Kelile is like a Toyota Corolla: reliable but not that exciting. Scarlett is a motorcycle full of nitroglycerin, packs a whallop but explodes at the slightest breeze.


Personally im not that fond of 4* snipers, they just dont hit hard enough to make a difference. So when im looking at 4*, i generally raise the ones with unique abilities which makes them usable: def down, atk down, dispel, etc.

for this reason, i chose scarlett. shes an asset to me against titans. im also fond of red stacking, so her 5* tile damage is an asset as well.

sooner or later you’ll come across 5* snipers, so at that time, i want to be able to pair them with 4* heroes who have useful secondary abilities

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I have both Scarlett and Kelile maxed. Was surprised to find I had given emblems to Kelile and not Scarlett. Hmm.

(That said, I use both in war.)


It’s probably worth pointing out that Scarlett will be in basically every top 10 team in every event, whereas Kelile never appears there. Events are less frequent than titans, war, raids, etc., and your chances of placing extremely well are very small, but Scarlett has a clear edge over Kelile there.


Yeah needs are different. If one wants to place in events, Scarlett has way more firepower. But Kelile is good enough if one is just aiming for tier completion.

There are alot of great points in this thread but the OP only has 1 maxed 4* red Gormek so the answer like always is work with what you have. Not what you hope to get. You are going to need options for different reasons. Not sure what’s important to you in the game as far as game modes but every character has a use in the game.


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