Black Knight or Kage

Had a search about for a topic but could only find BK vs GM or GM vs Kage regarding emblems so here we go… (There’s prob one somewhere and I’m just blind haha)

Currently running a yurple defence for both raid and war and really unsure whether to strip Kage and go back to a rainbow defence.

Finley+11 / Kage+9 / Guin+6 / Clarissa+9 / Kingston+7

MN+8 / Kage+9 / Guin+6 / Clarissa+9 / Finley+11

I’m in no doubt a rainbow defence would be more ideal, and I think BK would slot in nicely on left flank with my raid defence (currently testing) but my concern is, would my war defence would be too passive w/ no hitters on the left?
Also to note, I do use Kage a lot when raiding where as BK normally only sees action in my red stack / event team. My only other maxed red is Zim+6 but I was planning on taking her emblems to put onto Gazelle.

Any advice greatly appreciated :smiley:

Why? How does it perform now? Sounds pretty bloody formidable to me

I think it would be quite passive in wars if you made that change

It actaully did really well this war! But the previous 2 before, not so great :rofl:

The too passive argument was exactly why I’ve been holding off the switch, and I find yurple defences easier to deal with than your bog-standard rainbow. Just wanted a second opinion(s) and I appreciate your quick response! :smiley:

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Leave it a few more wars. If you’re constantly getting one shotted, then change. You probably need more data

BK is awesome in general play so well worth whatever you want to do. But Kage is a killer at flank, perhaps Zim for Clarissa is another option?

Zim was originally in there w/ kage and did ok, not amazing but by no means terrible, still got one-shotted every now and again but hey, so does everyone! I’m going to switch up Kage/Clarissa/Zim every now and again and keep a log.
I think I was focused on switching Kage out just because Clarissa is shiny and new and I was delighted when I got her since Gravemaker didn’t want to come out to play haha

Fair enough. If they get the tiles to kill Guin before she fires, it’s probably lights out anyway. Whilst it is nice to have your defense not get one shotted, it isn’t critical to my enjoyment of the game personally

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