Want some different eyes on my defense

Hwllo, thanks in advance !
My raid defense is Magni (13), Jabberwock(14), Telly (11), QoH(1), Malosi(9), I have 4 5s on final ascention Kage, Garnet, Joon, Skadi, other maxed 5s are the Hatter, and Clarissa, in the wings waiting are Freya 3/70, Greg 4/70, Isarnia 4/70, Marjana 1/1, C Richard 1/1,Glenda 1/1. Those are my the ones I see working on soon lol My Question is mainly would running 2 dark with Kage replacing Malosi and gving his emblems to him be an improvement ? Also I know ninjas are not ideal in defense but I can give Garnet emblems when shes done , would that make a good replacement for QoH ? I xurently am in 2300-2600 rande most of the time. I’m all ears if you see something in my list that might work better !

Can’t help you on the ninja question, but suggest Magni is a better flank than wing because his buff affects nearby allies so you’re currently wasting a third of it, whereas I think Jabberwock is fast (?) so can do just as well on the wing. Also it’s good to have blue next to green, to either deter the use of red attackers or to charge up cheaply if they do use red. Malosi isn’t great on defence as the AI can’t be relied on to fire at the most suitable target, so Joon might be a better option when maxed. Kage is scary but two purples flanking green do not punish the use of a red stack.

These are my thoughts and I’m quite happy to have someone more knowledgeable tear them to pieces :grinning:


What G said.

As for Kage and Malosi, in general I think Kage is more fearsome on defense. Malosi shines on offense only if you ask me and does well enough there without emblems. Again. Compared to Kage, who becomes a mass murderer with emblems.

If you wanted to keep a holy hero, put Joon in Malosi’s place. Your up front trio of Magni—Telly—QOH is menacing. I love QoH but don’t have her. JWock on the wing is also a death dealer.

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Thanks, I like QoH on flank, but have emblem conflict with Telly, think Joon is a good idea, but for awhile longer Jabberwock will get all monk emblems for at least 4 nodes. Appreciate advice, see where your coming from

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