BK or GM for emblems

Which hero would be your choice for the emblems ?

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Which is the heroe you use the most ?


For me i had a similar dilemma. I initially gave +15 to Grimm (cause I use him allll the time on red titans and he needed a little propping up).

After that I proceeded to give all of them to GM. I got him to about +8 before moving a couple onto BK cause I wanted to try him as tank for my defence & ended up giving him +5 before going back and giving them again to GM…

So for me, I’m now at +15 on Grimm, +5 on BK and then +10 on GM… I don’t think BK needed any emblems unless you plan on running him as your war or normal defence tank… He doesn’t need them while giving more attack to GM increases not just his bleed damage but also DoT and his Direct Damage.

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BK is the better hero, but GM is transformed more by the emblems.


BK’s Special doesn’t need emblems to work. Also, the class emblems won’t benefit him. You only will end making him beefier.

GM in the other hand, benefits a lot from emblems as his damage output and survivavility improve a lot.


Thank you so much for your answer my friend

I use Tyr on my defense team but on all red I use them both

Thank you so much for your answer , I think my BK emblems are going GV way :grin:

Thank you so much for your reply , I will give them all to GV

So give emblems to GM and put him in defense is far better like more than nine thousand !

I find Tyr lake of damage to be a real threat in defense.

I will definitely give it a try , thank you

I’m close to maxing out GM I got from previous atlantis. My BK is +14. I used to use him as the main tank in defense and war. After I got Tell, he moved to R flank.

I was also pondering about removing emblems from BK and give them to GM.

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