Is Gravemaker worth the rings if

I have BK as a tank. BK is by far one of my best heroes and I dont have a better tank. The issue is theyre both barbarians. Perhaps I can not use GM in def team? Idk.
I know hes a good red and I dont have any better red but emblems are throwing me off

He’s worth the rings whether you emblem him or not

You’re goin to end up with enough emblems for more than 1 barbarian at some point anyways so at least he’ll already be maxed and waiting

I have kage topped out on embs and still around 400 emblems to start another barb



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No. He is useless, feed him to dawa


Definitely worth the rings!


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Hey man, nice heroes you have there.
Gravemaker is arguably the best red hero in the game. You definitely must ascend him.
BK is awesome, but he will still be awesome without emblems. GM can be your tank (I personally prefer much more to attack BK than GM), not to mention when you drop red tanks and use another color, GM will fit ANY spot on your defensive team.
He has my vote, sometimes we get attached and love our usual heroes, but GM is one of the no brainers of this game


Ah ■■■■ I forgot I had kage in def team too lmao…

I think hes getting rings tho yeaj

You really prefer attacking a BK? Why? BK’s power is just broken

He can be dispelled, can be stolen by Hatter, or can be killed even protected… yes I have lost raids because of him but way less than the ones I won.
Like I said he is a great hero but GM is above imo.

Ok thanks guys. Will ascend him :slight_smile:

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I would level GM. He is ranked as one of the best if not the best hero in the game! Yes, both are Barbarian class and a fully leveled and emblemed BK is a beast, but you will get more Barbarian emblems that can be used on GM. For now, I’m sure you’re using BK a lot, so having him maxed is probably the right thing to do.

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