Kestrel over Grazul and Black Knight?

I’ve got a bunch of red 5* options and I’m actually considering Kestrel over Grazul and Black Knight. Please help me think this out!

Red 5’s (maxed unless noted):

  • Gravemaker
  • Zimkithia
  • Red Hood
  • Natalya
  • Azlar
  • Anzgoh
  • Kestrel (3/70)
  • Guarfian Kong (3/70)
  • Queen of Hearts (3/70)
  • Santa(3/70)
  • Grazul (1/1)
  • Black Knight (1/1)

I’ve still got a few rings to go before I can bring a 3/70 up to final - I regret Anzgoh, but I got him before Red Hood, and felt like I needed some kind of heals. I’m really torn on what red to work up next since I just puled Grazul and BK.

GM and Zim are usually the 2 in my 3/2 stack (damage, cleanse, atk boost, and minor heals). I usually layer on Red Hood for green tanks. Then add Nat and Azlar for a mono red for war.

The plan was to go to QoH next, since she does interesting damage and with the taunt. Looking at my 5 red stack though, It’s all low damage (Zim, RH) or DoT (GM, Azlar, Nat). Grazul and BK look really interesting, but I’m thinking that - crazy as it may sound - that Kestrel or Kong would actually help more. Both have good tile damage and big hits to multiple enemies, which I’m a big fan of.

I don’t really need anymore tanks (see my options below), so BK looks less interesting, and I like RH’s healing quite a bit, so Grazul looks less interesting. What am I missing? Any ideas?

Tank Options (maxed unless noted):

  • Yunan+embs (current)
  • Drake+embs (current war)
  • Kunchen+embs
  • Delilah
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I’m not sure I can contribute much, but will follow with interest. Although; you say you regret Anzogh? Why? I’m currently having a red concundrum myself, choosing between GM#2, Anzogh, Marjana and Kong. Was leaning toward Anz actually.

I do really see why you’re considering Kestrel though. I know he doesn’t get much love but a mana based hit is fantastic for red imo (no mana controller other than Mits). I’d love him for my roster.



Without knowing the rest of your roster roster, I think you are fine with current 5* heroes.

A new red 5* HotM comes out every 5 months.

5* 3,70

You could take Grazul and Black Knight to 5* 3.70 . That takes a lot of Hero XP and lots and lots of food. But no 4* ascension items.

Black Knight and Red Queen ( together they fight crime)

Black Knight is better on titans and defense teams since reduces all damage ( normal attack / matching / tile damage AND special skill).

Red Queen is better on raid / war / tourney attack because computer controlled normal attack / physical attack/ slash attack unlikely to hit minion so lasts longer with Red Queen’s special skill defense buff.


Only because I got Red Hood about a week after maxing him. I find Red to be a more significant healer, since her minions can persist and heal some each round. And now that Grazul is in the mix it’s even more of a regret.

In your case, I don’t think he’s a bad choice. His damage is actually pretty good in and of itself. I view the healing as kind of a bonus.

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Yes, true, but what fun is that!? Also, no way can I wait 5 months for a different red!

This helps! It’s probably too early for peeps to have many more thoughts than this on BK.

What do you think of Grazul?


Everyone who regrets Anzogh is using him independently

A bunch of the recent heroes are kind of like puzzle pieces in that they only shine when slotted with complimentary heroes that ‘synergise’ Together

Anzogh alone - meh

Wilbur + Falcon + Zimkitha (or BT) + Anzogh … devastating (Anzogh hits for between 350-500 per enemy and does all the healing too)


I have BK A 4/80 + 3. He is the fifth red 5s hero at 4/80. I’m using it in raids and I’ll line it up in the war on Wednesday. I think it can be referred to as the best hero of the game for his specials and for the power of shield and life (personal opinion).

Kinda suspecting that… I use him with Wilbs-BT-Falcon-GM. Very good at 3.70, my red mono at 37xx or something tp has no problems taking out 4300 teams in war (well yes depending on the board as always - but if they get going, they win). I’ve a feeling Anz will be awesome in this team maxed. Thanks!

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ultimate generic attack healer

ultimate generic attack healer.

Good for F2P accounts.


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Okay, granted. But honestly who wants to give up the overall team damage to stack three low damage reds when you could be using azlar, GM, and Boldtusk/Red Hood/Grazul to get a similar effect? And that leaves room for a 2 stack from another color!

I still think Anzgoh gets a bad rap, because his damage to all is actually pretty good, even without Wilbur/Falcon. And if he’s the only red healer you have then he’s better than nothing!


Anyone without GM?

The enemy is usually dead or entirely out of the match after one hit long before Azlar would fire. I run mono exclusively so i add Marj to this group and can wipe a team out in 9 tiles. Or if I want to be patient, add Santa for a similar timing to adding Azlar but with minions for their added meat shieldyness

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This how I felt about Zimkitha when I first saw her. A little bit of this, a little bit of that…of course, in real gameplay she’s a superb addition.

Grazul is unique on my bench with her ability to block all status effects (well, Gato, but…). Given the almost-constant presence of GM and other ailment casters on defense teams, I think she’ll be a great addition to my team.

BK is one of the best hero designs in the game, IMO, and one of the few built with a sense of humor. IF I had pulled him and IF I didn;t already have QoH at 80, I’d probably level him over Grazul. He’s functionally too similar to QoH to justify mats on both, though.


Please explain DoT. Thanks in anticipation

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It is Damage over Times… like Proteus poison, Gravemaker/Azlar/Marjana/Kelile/Jahangir burn, Yunan Sand Twister, etc.

Do Grazul and Red Hood’s specials stack?

Thank you. Makes sense.

Yes. Red Hood’s minions do not overwrite Grazul’s status protection.

Ta. I will level Grazul over Marj then for my mono red team.

Probably after the event, but still… I had similar choices to make, went for the Queen over Grazul for sentimental reasons, even though Grazul would’ve been the rational and emblem choice. I still have no (leveled) 5* healer.

But the QoH was second in line, because the no question first choice was and will always be: The absolutely wonderful, unique and amazing -
Black Knight!!

I really love him to bits! He’s just great to watch! When everything’s perfect and he’s used his flesh wound twice in a row you’ve won. Yes, I know, he’s not invincible but he’s pretty sturdy.

I’m attacking healerless at the moment (no 5* healer), most of the time my guys are down to 100 health at the end. But I have no regrets whatsoever! In defence he’s flanking at the moment, gave his tank job to Ursena.

Currently searching the forum, looking for opinions on Queen/Blacky comparison, defence and attack…

Damage over turn. Like GM after damage attack, burn damage after that is called DOT

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