Defense team red hero dilemma


I have a problem with red heroes in my def team. I’m running a telluria tank right now and the current team seems to hold 2,6-2,7k trophies.

I’m not really fond of Kestrel and I’m thinking of replacing him with another red 5*. I also used maxed BT with 20 talents at some point, but the more offensive def seems to work better. Anyway these are my red 5* heroes

I could give up to 19 talents to Kong and about 17-18 to Natalya. Kestrel is waiting for iron to give a few more talents (or I’ll transfer them to PiB). Khagan can’t get any talents from Seshat.

Any opinion or idea is welcome. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think ur current defense already the best.

The only good candidate to replace kestrel is kong (among the reds u shown), but i think kestrel is still better than kong.

My suggestion is to keep it, unless u get GM to replace kestrel. Or jabberwock also very good candidate to replace kestrel, double purple in the wings doesn’t matter as jabby and seshat are awesome killer

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