Help me with my roster please

Please help me with my roster team.

Neith +6
Raffaele +4
Kadilen +3
Tyr 4/34
Marjana 3/70
Grimble 2/60
Domincja 2/60
Kadilen 1/0
Joon 2/50
Quintus 1/0
Clarissa 1/0

Proteus +19
Sonya costume +9
Rigard costume +6
Cyprian +3
Melendor +7
Peters +4
Caedmon 3/60
Little John 3/60
Gormek 3/60
Scarlett 3/60
Wukong +1
Danzaburo 3/60
Boril +10
Grimm 3/60
Kashrek 3/60
Tiburtus 3/60
Tryton 3/60
Almur 3/60
Stonecleave 3/60
Boldtusk 3/60
Gadeirus 1/0
Li xiu 1/0
Ameonna 1/0
Proteus 1/0
Sumitomo 1/0
Kiril 1/0
Merlin 1/0
Rigard 1/0
Sonya 1/0
Chaox x3 1/0
Grimm x2 1/0
Colen 1/0
Gormek 1/0
Sabina 1/0
Tiburtus 1/0
Scarlett 1/0

Hawkmoon costume +7
Nordri +7
Rudolf +12
Gato +4
Oberon +4
Azar +4
Bjorn 3/50
Jahangir +2
Namahage 3/50
Valen +1
Priska 3/50
Ulmer 3/50
Berden 3/50
Gunnar 3/50
Belith 3/50
Melia 3/50
Chicken jr 3/50
Chochin 3/50
Mnesseus 3/50
El-Dunn 1/0
Tyrum 1/0
Nashgar 1/0
Bat guardian 1/0
Agnes 1/0
Byulf 1/0
Kvasir 1/0
Bauchan x2 1/0
Gilra 1/0
Gato 1/0
Muggy 1/0
Kailani 1/0
Brienne 1/0
Baltazar 1/0

What would u suggest? Got mats for like 4-5 heroes to max out. Playing around 1 year. :slight_smile:

Are you wanting help with your Def team or in general? What mats do you have exactly? Ie which colours can you do and 5* or 4*

Help in general plus what my defense should look?
For now its Neith Raffaele Proteus Kadilen Sonya.
Mats i have each of colour around 11-12 plus i have mats for each 5* in color.

My suggestion would be to build a rainbow def with Tyr for Sonya.

Grind slowly by feeding on color, always healers first, then mana controllers and then def down dealing dudes.

Good choices are Rigard, Boldtusk, Scarlet, Almur, Joon, Kiril and Grimm.

Focus on 4* for now and feed 3* with 1* from time to time to get a deeper bench of all higher rarities.

Assuming that is in order, I would move Proteus at from tank by switching to Raff or neith. Eventually can swap in Tyr for Sonya to have rainbow Def like olmor says.

While olmor is right in his general advice if you do want to go for a few more 5* at the same time I think it’s worth doing. You already have a few healers and mana controllers maxed so you can move on to some 5s in the background.

In general, when it comes to 5* to ascend, Joon, Marj and Clarissa are always a good bet. Id leave the others for now to save mats in case you get better ones.

I’ll go with Clarissa for sure. Leave the gnome with a goat where it is and enjoy poisonning your ennemy at a very fast speed. Paired with Tyr and Raff, it can’t be bad. Kadilen and Neith might help but they would be the one I would try to change in the future. But no need to hurry…

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