Big doubt with leveling up the troops

Hello. Sorry for my English. I was struck by a question several weeks ago. I have quite a level in heroes and I can finish all the events and others. But I see my troops still very low after more than a year of play, is it worth focusing my gem spending on the troop portal rather than the hero portals?

If you have money to burn on heroes you only “rented”, yes , more especially if you cannot wait. But troops are a passive part of the game that you don’t have a direct control to iit n the game play. While it’s feasible to max epic troops without spending gems just to get the ideal troops and the feeders to level them, it may take you approximately more than a year to do so.

Me? I don’t spend gems just to get the good troops and feeders. I have all the mana and crit troops per element and their dupes, all summoned using epic troops token. Managed to level all of my mana troops to level 25, except my green as it was the last mana troop I was lacking and I was more focused on leveling my crit troops to support my green tank to make the hero far sturdier and beefier with such crit troop.


The most useful troops is mana troops. Just focusing to levelup only mana troops first and ignore crits troops.

Targeting to make ur mana troops at least to level 11 first, then after u accomplished that, go to the next level which is to level 17. Eventually with much of bloood and pain, go to level 23. (If u are multimillionaire sharks, u can go to lv.29), but mana troops level 17 and 23 already pretty awesome overall.

Troops is useful to buff ur heroes but they are some kind of luxury and slow to progress. High level Troops will benefits more on defense than offense. As on offense ur brain is more important.

If u have tons of money u can literally burn it by buying and buying the endless troops as foods.

My personal suggestion is no need to rush the game as u will much likely to lose ur money and create a hearthache and pocketache.

Progress bit by bit, u can farm troops by farming at S1 8-7 daily.

Patient is the key, rushing everything will hurt u at some points.


You’d rather spend your gems on refilled energies during the atlantis rise. You will get more xp for your troops plus tons of ressources.

This is also true outside the Atlantis rise when farming s1 3energies stages.

Thanks for the information, I am not a big drain, I will not deny that a couple of times I bought a VIP pass. I will focus on raising the mana troops that I prefer, since I only have purple and yellow as a critical, I will raise them to level 10, and then raise the 3* troops to do more damage and have more ease in events. A question. Up to what level do you think the 3 * troops should go up?

I will spend as much energy as possible in Atlantis. Any recommended phase for troop farming?

I recommend to ignore 3* troops.

Only feed ur 4* mana troops. As it need so many feeders to bump its level.

Any S2 3 world energy stages during the AR is good as the drop rate is the same (0.20 per energy world according to Barry’s farm guide)

Personnaly i farm stage 6 and 3 for the mini mana pots ingredients (bones and leather straps) you also get sword that you may have uses.

Other may prefer the stage 1 for the back packs.

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