Help need for my Troops

Hi community I’m now leveling 4 critical troop and 1 mana troop ( green) I hv mana troop for dark and holy. Do I need to stop critical troop training and start mana troop ? As I got to know forum lvl 23 mana troop is good like that any boundary for critical troop .


I’d say so, yes. Stop your crit troops and start focusing on your mana troops. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Aquaginera_7DD for your quick reply and lvl 23 is okay for mana troop and y they don’t hv any effect on higher levels than lvl 23 on mana ?

Level 23 is okay or rather the most important, yes. :slight_smile:

Level 23 mana troops make your average heroes charge in 9 tiles instead of 10.
The next higher important break point is level 29, for fast heroes (makes them charge in 7 tiles instead of 8). :slight_smile:


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@Aquaginera_7DD I need 1 more details from troop attack, defece health stats , the heroes attack defence and health increases . How tile damage is calculated ?

Here’s a post about damage calculation: Damage Calculation

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I would switch from crit to mana and to be honest even if you don’t have a red or blue mana troop yet I’d still stop feeding your high level crit troops. The incremental improvement of going from level 20 to level 30 crit troop is pretty minor compared to the resources that go into it, and when you do pull a mana troop you’ll be wishing you had those 2 and 3 star feeders back.

I’d maybe think about just using your 1 star blue and red feeders on the 2nd crit troop.

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