7 Days Departed Infographics (Game Strategies in a Nutshell)

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Zero’s Titan Guide and Star’s Cheat Sheet were updated on 26 June, 2019 by @zephyr1 with new versions provided by @Aquaginera_7DD.


Thanks to 7DD for allowing the cross posting!


Thanks for your hard work. It’s very help full information


Thank you really much, that is great :grinning:


Thanks you @Coppersky and all 7dd players


I’m confused about the mana troops part

It’s the levels mana troops have to be in in order to actually make the specials faster for each speed.
For example in order to charge a very fast hero with 6 tiles instead of 7, you need a lvl 11 mana troop.


So basically the troops aren’t any good until level 23

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Unless you have very fast heroes, basically yes.

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Great resource, thank you 7DD team for your efforts! :raised_hands:


I’m impressed with this quality. Well organized and easy to read. Thank you for putting this together 7D.
@ScndStar You’re the one on the creative end, right?


хорошая работа!!! Молодцы 7DD

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This is great - it would be cool to add in tile ghosting as a section as well. I find in the training alliance newbies frequently are unaware of this.

Way too cool. Well done and many thanks.

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Yeah that was probably me @2Spookd, thank ya! =)


Thanks for posting, and to 7DD. Much appreciated, interesting to read.

Very nice job here. Thanks 7DD

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Regarding Raid team Architecture, I’ve got a couple questions

  1. Why Sabina is on there but not Melendor?

  2. is this advise for attacking or defense?

  3. What is the purpose of stacking color in defense team? It will make that team weak to a color. Why not a rainbow team?

Thank you very much indeed!
This is great Information!

I’m not the maker of the sheets but I may be able to help.

  1. That’s only a shortlist of examples. There are many other qualified heroes that aren’t on the sheet.
    2a. The advice is definitely for raid/war attacking purposes.
    2b. You are right. You typically don’t want to unless you are using a counter color to your center hero. The guide isn’t to be used for defense teams.

Thanks for this, 7DD!