Best map for recruits and adventure kits?

Hey all,

I seem to have more success farming 5-8 for adventure kits than I do 8-7. The good thing is that I get more recruits from 8-7 than I do in 5-8. There are times when I do get a decent number of adventure kits with 8-7.

So…ultimate question for maximum chance of adventure kits / recruits, 5-8 or 8-7?

Thanks for your help

Lol…5/8 for adventure kits and 8/7 for recruits…

Farm each according to need.

I do about 75% 5/8 and then 8/7 for recruits for my tc13…


Thank you for this! The image of the map with the various resources is awesome!

I didn’t make it, but I like to share it :blush:

I split the difference and farm 6-8

5/8 don’t gave Mr any adventure kit yet. Any other suggestion? 13/3 is providing adventure kit but 1 only and not each time.

My adventure kits vary a lot , but hands down the best for recruits and practice swords I have found is in season two if you’re there yet. Season 2, Level 6-10, on hard setting. I get 22-24 recruits every time, and have received as many as 8 practice swords from each time I do it. I have gotten the packs too, sometimes just one, but as many as 4-5 but those are not as consistent. It does use 10 energy, but is worth it to me for the extra recruits and swords.

@LadyAnesthesia I am aware of season province 6 hard mode for wooden word but I am missing adventures kit. I had 100 of them and 0 wooden swords. Now the adventures kit is below 40 and it’s going very fast down.

I just haven’t come across a reliable one for those kits, I’m always running out of them too!

A teammate suggested 1-8 in season 2, and I have gotten a bunch on easy today…

@Gh0stL1ght thank you for the reply. I will try your teammates suggestion in the next days on the normal mode.

Season 2 province 1-5 hard is excellent for adventure kits. It’s the most consistent I’ve seen so when I’m short on time I go there, drop a couple loot tix, collect 6-8 backpacks and go to 8-7 to burn the remainder if my world energy. Just what I do but try it and see what you think. Packs aren’t ever Guaranteed but seem to be very consistent. I just read that other post…gonna try it on normal 1-5 and 1-8 and see how it goes. I was just shocked when going through the map initially on hard, how many packs I got all at once in 1-5. I got like 7 for 10 world energy (rare but it happens) and that was it, I was hooked. Lol.

Season 2 1-2 hard has been my go to for backpacks when I need them. I have seen as many as 8 and usually no less than 2.

I may try 1-5 a few times. Thanks.

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I think season 2 prov 1 is all that matters, from there it’s just a roll. Yes, I’ve gotten 8 a few times since too but again, rare. Fastest, simplest way I’ve seen to bang up a bunch of packs. I think any province 1 level gives you the same odds, we just all pick our favorite.

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1st try got me 6 packs. And gives me more kills to fill a chest. Interesting.


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@Mojo1 thank you. Season 2= 1/6 works well.

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I farm S2 1-8 for backpacks. It sometimes gives me like 3-6 by single run. Beside, it fills your quest for skeleton avatar if you care.


5/8 is the best option

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