TL;DR wisdom: General Tips

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of this, but this is a list of my own understanding.
Also: please feel free to add single one-line tips and I’ll edit/add them to my list.
Don’t explain anything (TL;DR) here, but linking to explanations is fine.

  • Farming: Season 1 for XP & Recruits, Season 2 for materials
  • TC2 & TC11 are the best “deals” in the game for training camp
  • Beginners should level 4* before any 5* until they have all 4* at 3/60
  • If you can win, 75 gems to “continue” is worth it when guaranteed NON-farmable ascension materials
  • Save high-level battle items for Events, use low-level battle items on titans

Please add more.

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I think TC19 is the best. I use TC11 to store up recruits when I don’t have enough food for TC19 but it’s really quite incredible. Game changing.

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Another piece of advice maybe you could add is that people shouldn’t use up all their crude iron on arrows early in the game.

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War rooster building

  • Try to save 30 heroes for AW and aim for (at least) 12 heroes of the same color for every element to always be able to double up hero’s weak color
    • Out of the 4* heroes Boldtusk, Kiril and Rigard are to keep due to their specials, dispels could be found on snipers (Caedmon & Sonya), the more the better.

Yes. TC19 trumps TC2 when it comes to recruit efficiency or time. For food efficiency (like anyone would care about that) TC2 is the best I think.
Also TC11 is best for recruit-to-exp ratio, so if you want to get the most out of your recruits it’s best to only use TC11 and TC19 (until you run out of ruggeds).

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