Best team to build around Proteus


I would like to ask you what team would you recommend to build around the Proteus.

As You know he is a big game changer…

after months of trying, I came to this roster
Rigard Costumed © - Malosi - Cyprian - LiXiu Costumed (N) - Proteus

but I’m sure you can squeeze even more out of Proteus with a wide range of 5 * heroes.

with my squad with a strength of about 4,000 (4023) and skillfully choosing an opponent, I calmly reach 2,600 cups in raids

I am waiting for your suggestions for improvement, although it will not be easy due to the great synergy that is in the team presented by me


Looks like nobody use Proteus more

If you have brynhild, put her in flank role and proteus on wing. She will provide extra protection for him vs spells and increase his firing rate. Put Li Xiu as tank , Cyprian flank and Malosi wing.

Proteus - Brynhild - Li Xiu - Cyprian - Malosi

He is super great on offense RAID, he is ok on defense but not that too scrary, he is super great specially in MAP/Quest/Event againts Bosses.


We need more information. What team? Raid defense? Raid/War offense? Event team?

Raid defense : forget it…at least once you enter diamond (2400 cups)

Raid offense/ War: You need to emblem him high (10+) that he has a chance to fire at least once. Of course depends on enemy…at least if you get in the 4300+ range.
Hard for Proteus to be in a first choice team but he is great for cleanups.

Events/ Quest stage : This is where he shines. He is good in any team. Just pair him with the strong color and feed him with mana…you cannot loose.

Hope it helps.


Mana troop lvl 23 or mana node #19 and lvl 17 mana troop to load in 9 tiles. The difference between 9 and 10 tiles is huge (3 matches vs 4).

Heroes that keep him alive and provide Mana…thinking of this Ariel comes to my mind.

Victor provides def bonus.

I don’t like to pair him with other poison heroes to overwrite…yeah still his mana stop is his main purpose.

He works nicely together with Tiburtus…after the mana block you can sink tiles into opponent. If def down is active the tiles do even more damage.
Tiburtus & Proteus … same mana speed. If you have Tiburtus costume you only need mana troop lvl 5 for Tiburtus.

Be aware for clerics and monks who can resist the mana block…and there is definitely a HotM who is immune against it…Anzogh I guess.


actually I have 2 Proteus
both at lvl 17.
in Defense they are not very good, but in attack (cups and wars) in my opinion they are the best 4 * card and one of the best in general.
the fact that in the 3 + 2 system it beats 400 points, the stronger teams speak for themselves.

My problem is that LiXiu / Cyprian are both only average mana speed and I feel that up to two / three of violet (Proteus, Rigard ©, possibly Cyprian) it is worth adding 2 quick cards in one suit (or 3)

My type is to replace LiXiu with Mist.
then we have Proteus, Rigard ©, Malosi, Mist and 3ci violet / yellow or, for example, Brynhild proposed here in the 2 + 2 + 1 arrangement or Clarissa as the 3rd violet?

then we have 3 x 4 * cards and 2 x 5 * cards
or 4 cards 4 * and one 5 * which seems to me a bit too weak for teams 4500-4700 with good cards

that’s why Clarissa may be not best choice.

I have lack of 5* card ( violet only Sartana, Clarissa, Obakan, Yellow Malosi x2, Green Liane , Red only slow mana and no blue)
but try to collect info what past best to Proteus

In high end wars… top 200 alliances it becomes costumed Rigard.

Mist works great with Malosi but not with Proteus.
Mist and Malosi both want the opposing hero to trigger while their buff is active. Proteus works against it.
LiXiu works nicely together with Proteus.
Difficult. Mist + Malosi might be a bit better in general.

Have you tried replacing Cyprian with Tiburtus? (Hope you already have Tiburtus)

Clarissa might work nevertheless…and she is soo good. Just hit the other side which you don’t hit with Proteus…abd everybody is poisened.

Have you tried double Proteus on attack?

Do you have a yellow and purple mana troop lvl 11 for Malosi and Clarissa?

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Nope. Didn’t try 2 Proteus yet.
Uselly i hit Proteus in the center. So Clarissa may be tricky to use v.effective
Only if she load mana first…

Yes, I have both troops on 11lvl and Tiburtus too but not finished yet.

Thank for info about not being good - Mist and Proteus when both paired. That’s bad because I almost finish Mist

So maybe Liana+ Brynhild + Protus,Rigard C and something else.
I don’t belive in 2 Prot.on board but I will try it anyway

Try Clarissa or Malosi…because of speed.

Brynhild + Proteus shall be a good idea. …as Brynhild is some mini-Ariel. :+1:

Mist + Lianna works…but different color.
Mist + Clarissa shall work even better as both hitting 3.

Have Chao? (But he is squishy)… As Mist + Chao and Chao + Proteus works…or in other cases LiXiu.


RigardC Mist LiXiu Malosi Proteus

If possible try to load yellow early on and finish it with Proteus. I know you wanna built a team with Proteus but

RigardC Mist LiXiu Malosi Clarissa

shall be even better I guess.

Have fun experimenting.

Cant upload video or screenshots so I cant show whats the problem with my team

Btw.Thank You for advice

Aa And no way I will switch Proteus with other hero. Whole topic created only to find best possible team for him. I’m 100% Proteus fsnboy :wink:

Any new insights to share with?

Nothing new except that I stayed with LiXiu and I exchanged Malosi for Mist.
Now my team looks like this Rigard (costumed) - LiXiu (N) - Cyprian- Mist-Proteus

both colors control mana and all you have to do is fire one of them and I can do big things. And when starts both - plays like an animator

my team now has 3900 and that is enough to beat most squads up to 4500 cups

Are you able to beat all tank colors?

Which tanks are harder, which are easier to beat with your team?

How high can you go in cups? I expect 2600 - 2700 trophies.


C-Rigard, Li Xiu, Cyprian, Mist, Proteus?

Against your Team one needs to bring both Clean and Debuff so i would go for Brynhild, C-Caed, Sonya, Kiril, and a green or blue pulverizzer (Grimm or Buddy).

Your Team is very passive as only Li Xiu and Mist deal some damage. Your Tank is Medium speed, so with a fast debuffer like sonya or caedmon its very likely that one is ready before your tank goes off.

I would recommend you:

Boldtusk, Kiril or C-Melendor, Li Xiu as a Tank, Proteus on the other Flank

On the Wings i would go for heavy damage (sniper like Triton or multihitters like Colen)

Lol Gizmo. Its attack team nor defence

Proteus on defence for me don’t exist. He is lethal when attack.
Whole topic created especially for him because he is worth of it.

Cups after attacks usually 2500-2600.
After logging out, drop to 2400 …

My record with this composition is 2856 after using 2 bottles of raids and precise selection of targets.
I have never even sue come close to this result again.

Tanks of various colors, as the biggest trouble, make me surprisingly purple Kunchen, Ursena. and classically Telluria.

I really like to attack free mana tanks.

Wow this really good…congrats. :+1:

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