A Good Team built around Proteus

Anyone have any tips for building a good team around Proteus for general usage (tips for specific areas like wars and events are welcome though)? Just note I do not have any five star heroes (stinking rng lol) so I am restricted to four stars and below. As soon as I get some screenshots of my current roster of heroes I will edit them in so everyone can get a better picture of what I have.

Yeah, we are gonna need more than that to directly help you

As a very general rule I take Proteus when playing mono purple or 3-2 purple dominant. In mono, I tend to use 3 hitters (Khiona, Sartana, Tiburtus, Thoth, depending on enemies), Rigard, and Proteus. Kill one side with the hitters, silence the other side with Proteus

In a 3-2 I generally keep Khiona, Proteus and Rigard, and add a couple of off colour hitters. Depending on colour and enemy might add another healer or utility like Wilbur

Tell us what you have and people will help you

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As of right now, my main team doesn’t even have him in it but I used Proteus against my alliance’s current titan and it was a big help with the complete mana stop. My main team consists of Grimm, Chao, Hu Tao, Brienne, Sumitomo. Grimm, Sumitomo, and Chao are all at tier 4, Grimm is at the talent grid and Brienne is 12 nodes in. I was initially thinking someone like Friar Tuck to partner with him or someone that can help generate mana for Proteus at a faster rate because that ability to stop mana generation comes in mighty handy.

Rennie +11… adorable :heart_eyes:

Belith Grimm Sumi Chao Proto


Suggest also picking five heroes of a different colour and train them as far as they’ll go, single colour training is most efficient when building your team

@Olmor has good suggestions, you should generally have a healer and Belith is currently your best


Thank you both for the suggesstions. Getting druid emblems is beginning to be hard to come by as cleric and monk emblems keep dropping for me instead.

At your stage in the game, i would say it is a blessing :wink:Cause you have not been distracted by the 5*, so you have built decent sets of 3* and are now working on your 4*, which is ideal.
As for your question, for Proteus to shine, he needs to fire. So, definitely, pair him with healers. Belith is a good one because she also dispel the enemy.
Kailani and Gunnar, if you max them, are also good option as they buff his defense and the spirit link make it so he receive less damage.
As @Infinite said, focus on 5 hero at the time, one of each color, for leveling and take them as far as you can.
Hawkmoon should be level, to have at least 2 healers
Of course, Proteus and your 4* should be leveled as well. If you lack ascension materials, don’t hesitate to level your 4* to 3/60, as they will be useful and often stronger than 3*.
Other than Hawkmoon, you could give some love to Gunnar or Kailani, as their skill is helpful during season 1 and 2 or during events.
Otherwise, i would finish your 4* right now.
Bring Hu Tao to 3/60 and then Li Xiu to 3/60. Ascend the one you like/use the most.
Finish Sumimoto and Chao as they are already on last tier.
Oberon and Prisca are not really good, and you already have a deep 3* purple bench.


I got enough orbs of Magic to ascend either Li Xiu or Hu Tao. I do have two compasses remaining but I want to save one of them for Proteus. I got enough trap tools to take Proteus to the final tier. I might just leave Hu Tao at 3-60 and just save the mats for Li Xiu. If I do not get any druid emblems in the next couple weeks, I might just level up Hawkmoon as I have a ton of cleric emblems. I think I have over half of the required amount for her actually.

I am still a little peeved that Kiril hasn’t dropped yet as when I get him, he will be my main healer for 95% of activities. Minus anything that has ice reflect though.

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Li is much better than Hu. The panda should always wait if there is anyone else available


Li is the better choice and will do wonder with Proteus and Chao as mana controller.
Hu has its use though, as his blindness can save your a$$ in some occasions. The slow speed is a big turn off, apart from very fast raidT.
That’s why i suggest to bring them both and see who fits the best your style.
With Chao and Proteus on your team, Li could pass for Hu. But that’s your call :grin:


I think after I get the research done on the Dragon banner, I am gonna level up Li Xiu. Cause having a good mana control team with Proteus will be invaluable on elite enemies, bosses, raids, wars, and tourneys. Also gonna concentrate on Hawkmoon as well as I have 124 cleric emblems. Druid emblems I only have two of currently.

Li is also great on a defense team. Better than Chao at least. So once she is maxed, put her there, probably at tank or flank.

Another vote for Li Xiu. Li + Proteus = some enemies will never fire


I have Chao at tank as of right now. As soon as i get Li Xiu to tier 4, I will put her on my main team with Proteus.

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