Advice on green 5* to level

Hey all, I’m looking for advice on which green 5* to spend tonics on. I’ve atomos, Margaret and Kadilen on 3.70 and I’ve just pulled Zocc.

I’ve already a 4.80 Lianna. My other maxed 5* are Marjana, Isarina, Richard, seashat, Guardian Panther, leonidas and Sif.

I’ve also enough rings for a Kagan or another Marjana sitting on 3.70.

Any advice welcome

If you’re looking for a green tank, Atomos is decent. If you’re looking for offense, I’d probably go with Zocc. I like him…basically a 5* Merlin, who is an excellent 4* hero.


Yeah, I like Merlin a lot. Our Alliances uses green tanks and the best I have is kashhrek so maybe atomos is the way to go.

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Needing green tank yes, you want Atomos.


It really depend on how you want to use your next 5 star green.
For Tank I would go for Atamos
For Titan damage I would go with Margaret
For raids and war I would probably go with Kadilen
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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I have Zocc, and zocc sucks

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Cheers JGE, good advice

:sweat_smile:, love it. 20characters

Atomos. After speed up it more than usable now + good green tank for war (more better than Kashrek or Zokk)

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I’m in my second war with Atomos+16 tank replacing Telluria. He’s really good. People are more inclined to attack than tgey did Tell, and he gets them to blow a lot more flags.

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Atomos seems to be a solid choice. He looks like a more agressive tank pick than telluria, like Ursena lets say, with a considerable AOE.

So , if you choose him im sure he will improve considerably your war team.

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Kadilen could give you more utilities than Atomos. IF you also get her costume could work as an aggressive tank in wars. Can destroy smaller teams.

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Do you have any other Atlantis family?

Atomos, Ursena, Ariel, Poseidon, and…anyone else would be formidable.

I’ve proteus and gaderius - I’ve run a couple of times with them in war and work well. Would love some 5 star season 2 as would make a great defence team.

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I went with atomos in the end, thanks for advice everyone - had him for first war and mixed results but will feed him emblems and see how we go.


Good choice. For a hero that everyone hated before the buff, he can be pretty annoying and occasionally devastating.

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