Best rosters I can make

Hello everyone!

I just did 15 invocations during Atlantis. I’m not really the luckiest dude, so I’m looking for good advice to maximize the efficiency of my rosters. I will upgrade the heroes that seems the best.

I would like the best team I can have for raids and GDA, the best teams 4* and 3* for the tournament.

I have 3 Grimms. It will hurt me a lot, but I suppose that it’s useless to keep them et use both of them to feed the one already leveled?

If you think the best is to keep some of the heroes in more than one copy, doesn’t hesitate to inform me, or I will use them for feeding.

Thank you in advance ! :slight_smile:

I’d get rid of the unleveled duplicate Dawa, she is one of the worst 3*, you don’t need more than one copy of her.

You also shouldn’t keep any 2* heroes.

Get rid of Dawa and every 3* with lower speed and average speed unless you think their habilities will be useful in your roster for 3* tournaments… And train Wu Kong would be your first goal ASAP

Thank for the advice :slight_smile: Yes I don’t keep the 2*, I’m Juste waiting to have 10 of them to level up!

Do you have idea for the best rosters I can create? Et what can I do with 3 Grimms?

I recall reading somewhere about using 3 Grimms for one of the Epic Quest Challenges to finish with a high score.

Found it:

3 Grimms are also handy for wars against red tanks.

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Thank you, very interesting I will keep them and wait to have the possibility to up them :slight_smile:

Anyone has ideas for best rosters I can make with my heroes?

Looking at your roster you seem to be all over the place with leveling. You’d be best to concentrate on one hero of each colour to level until maxed, then move on to the next 5.

I would set Thorne aside for now and concentrate on 4* heroes. For usefulness Peters, Scarlett, Grimm, and Sabina are all good. I still use my Grimm and Sabina even with 5*'s (they’re both +20). Scarlett has high tile damage. Level up Wu for yellow, he will be great for Titans. Also level up Proteus, one of the best 4* heroes there is because of his mana control; and Boldtusk, he can be a decent tank for your defense. Boril also makes a decent tank for 4*. Not familiar with Stonecleave myself.

You’ve already gotten some good advice so I’ll just echo the sentiments and say you should max out Proteus and Wu ASAP, especially Proteus since he’s one of the best 4* and will make challenge events that much easier. Wu will make your titan hits amazing, but also good for events where even your tiles will start doing ridiculous damage (if they don’t miss).

After that I’d do BT, he has a very long shelf life and is still my main defense tank even in low platinum. I didn’t see anyone mention Caedmon but get him to 3/60 at least since he’s another dispeller and an ok sniper, and you can never have too many dispellers.

Thank you very much for the advices !!!

For the leveling, it’s due to new summons and lack of materials, so sometimes I had to level up some others heroes :wink:

And what do you think is the best 3* teams I can do with my heroes? For challenges and tournament !

For tournaments it depends on the rules.

Rush Attack you want to use AOE 3* like Ulmer and Oberon. Melia is also good for mana control to slow down the opponent. Probably Bjorn with his extra random attack.

Buff Booster you want buffers and dispellers. Brienne, Tyrum, Valen are good examples. By-Ulf could work well here too.

Bloody Battle you can’t heal so take the fastest hitters you have. Again, Valen is good. Also Namahage and Gato.

Note my knowledge of the S3 heroes is purely academic. Look at each 3* and see how they would fit in each version of the tournaments.

Challenges I just aim to finish so I can’t really help a lot there.

Thank you for the exhausted answer !

One last : do you think it’s best to use my emblems for Peters or for Scarlett ?

I would say Peters is better on defense so him. I find his silence effect pretty annoying.

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