Another purple question what next?

Next to ascend question. I don’t think I have a good tank in my purples team so somethink for war raids…
Thanks in advance !

I would go with victor "just for fun " but I dont know if helps me in war or raids
Additional info:

Standard attack: joon kage proteus + colors for tank

Defence team
Joon kage BT frida tarlak

Titans : tarlak wu and miki 3.7

My suggestion would be to pause other Dark heroes and level Seshat immediately as she is one of the best heroes in the game right now (think of her as an upgraded Sartana with minions like Thoth-Amun).

Victor is a solid hero from what I’ve heard from other more experienced heroes and could be the next project after Seshat.



Should I replace proteus with seshat ? To be honest I dont know if any other hero will replace my KAGE :slight_smile:

Yeah. Proteus is not really a tank as he’s too squishy and honestly more useful in offensive uses.

I am not using it as tank …only attack.

Then I’d probably swap her for Rigard or Sabina depending on if you need dispeller or healer.

Seshat for sure. 20 thumbs up :+1:

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If you need a purple tank, Victor is probably the best option. Anything beyond that, its definitely Seshat. Depending on your alliance level, Kage or Seshat can work well as a tank if necessary.

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