Best position for Kingston

Hi all, I would like some advice please, I finally got Kingston maxed and emblemed , so I need advice on the best possible position for him, my defense team is Gwen, Seshat , drake, Zimketha and now Kingston…where should he be placed, thanks in advance .

Right wing

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Zim /Seshat /Guin /King /Drake

Usually King is more a wing but since you use double yellow you have to put him on the flank kinda. You could switch Sesh and King also if you like. Gives you some better color position but worse special ordering.

Drake/Zim/Guin/Sesh/Kingston could also work but I prefer Zim on left wing.


What Maaeetz said. Normally you would want Seshat and Kingston on the wing with Drake and Zimkitty as flanks but you don’t want to put Drake and Guin next to each other. Any ice hero options for you for defense team?


Right flank or wing imo.

I think he’s harder to deal with at flank myself, since his skill triggers earlier and his attack down makes it difficult to continue adding damage.

He works well on wing though if you can’t somehow fit him in as flank.

I would switch positions with Seshat and Zimkitha:

Seshat | Zimkitha | Guinevere | Kingston | Drake


  • Zimkitha on wing is quite weak and can’t kill the heroes left by herself (save for very bad boards) – in contrast, Seshat can actually win on situations where she’s left by herself
  • Flank will trigger Zim’s skill earlier, and it’s better for the attack boost.
  • Seshat minion makes killing her on wing a lot harder than on flank.

Hi , and yes , I have Aegir maxed if that helps, abd again thanks all , one more question please , I keep getting confused … Wing position is the one right next to the tank ?? Is that correct ? , thanks to all for your support and help

Hi and oh yes Freda as well

Tank is the center, the adjacent spots are the flanks, and the two outside positions are wings

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Break-down of sorts I wrote up on this:


I’d use Aegir tank then. Kingston, Zimkitha, Aegir, drake, Seshat in that order. The reason is that Kingston being first in firing order gets the most value from his attack down. Especially with the AOE heroes and then with Seshat minions. With Kingston attack down and Aegir defense buff+spirit link the enemy will have a tough time doing much damage to your heroes. With drake blindness too. Seems good. I know it’s conventional wisdom to put the dispeller left wing but that’s operating under the assumption the opponent will have any buffs you’re wanting to dispell anyways. Kingston firing first is always going to be beneficial. And Seshat will still be dispelling stuff if she needs to.

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This is great !!! Thank you so very much …yes !! . I really appreciate everyone’s help and advice.

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