Need help for my AW defence team

Hi there,

I find that my current AW team is often select by the opponent and get OS. I may not be using the right heroes or the right spots.

Here ist the list of my best heroes, which team would you setup with them ?

  • Black Knight 3/70
  • Seshat 3/70
  • Kingston 4/18
  • Grimm +9
  • Rigard +7
  • Chao +6
  • Gormek 4/70
  • Melendor +1
  • Wilbur +9
  • Wu Kong 4/70
  • Merlin +7

My current team : Grimm - Rigard - Black Knight - Chao - Seshat

Kingston just went to the 4th ^ yesterday, so I may replace Seshat by him - what do you think?

I’m also hesitating to replace BK by Wilbur, who has more defense (746 for Wilbur against 711 for BK) and similar HP - I don’t know. The Black Knight can be a pain if he procs his special, otherwise I think he may be actually quite useless…

Chao may be also a weak point, I could also replace him with Kingston and keep Seshat?

Or any other suggestion?

thanks a lot!


I’d keep Black Knight at the tank. I think you should have Seshat in a wing as opposed to a flank. I think people have better results that way. So Seshat-Melendor-Black Knight-Kingston-Rigard is how I’d set it up.


That’s an interesting setup. Bringing Melendor will increase survivability, but isn’t he a bit weak and may die quickly?

Also, that would make 2 green, 2 violet and 1 red. I find it lacks variety of color, no?

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BK is one of the most annoying tanks. Kingston will boost mana for Mel so they’ll both fire faster once he fires. Mel has a solid attack. Seshat is one of the best and great on wing. Rigard as healer makes sense.

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Thanks for this second opinion.

I’ll give this setup a try both as raid defense and war!

Thanks a lot

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Bud Wilbur at 7 for sure Bk and obviously go hard on leveling Kingston.

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A rainbow defense works best, and you don’t need two healers and with field aid it could be argued you don’t need any healers. So…

Mel, Chao, BK, Grimm, Seshat
Rigard, Chao, BK, Grimm, Kingston

Wilbur as tank, idk as his shared damage can work against you too and not sure the AI will use him effectively. @Scarecrow advice please :smile:.


Kingston, Grimm, BK, Chao and Seshat. Always purple near yellow.

L.E. You actually set something similar, I saw after I posted :slight_smile:


I don’t feel confident to try a team without any healer. We have arrow attack as war bonus.

Is there some discussion about teams with or without healer for war?

I’ve fought teams with 4 or 5 healers and they were a real pain to get down.

Real pain? Those teams are the easiest to take down. The healers are no real threat for the attacker. You will figure out some day eventually :slight_smile: And I recommend to everyone who started this year, to watch videos on YT, from alliance wars. I started watching Zero’s videos in my first month here. After that, my gameplay improved radically.

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Rigard - Grimm - BK - Kingston - Seshat

But yes, why not? When is not aid field, you may set Rigard right flank and Chao on the wing.

I would bring red and crush that configuration…especially with a 3/70 BK.

Well it’s probably a good thing you aren’t their opponent in this alliance war