Defense Team Set-up

Hi everyone,

So after playing this game for approx. 6 months I have collected enough materials to start looking at 5* star ascensions. I have a good general Idea of my plan so far and am currently working on some 5 star heroes. My short term goal for my defence team would be once they are all fully levelled :

My main question here is how everyone feels about the placement of kingston vs Poseidon? Kingston seems like the better flank but poseidon with will get a nice 10% defence buff and is Holy which better suits a dark tank… Would you keep this order or switch them?

As of yet I only have Miki and Captain kestrel for Ice and Fire, neither of which Seem suitable for my defence team so I am holding mats for better options.

Any input is welcome.



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This is exactly how I’d set up.
Imo it doesn’t really matter, if King and Posey change places.


Personally I’d switch BT and Triton, if this is Defense. I know you could potentially miss out on his +39% healing, but you also want BT alive. Plus Triton hits pretty hard and he’s fast so having him as flank makes sense. But like @Olmor said about King/Posie, it really is interchangeable. I usually prefer two fast snipers as flanks but that’s in a perfect world.
Play around with their positions and see what works best? Let us know how this works out for you. I’m interested, I’ll be running a similar setup in the future. Provided RNGesus sees fit to bestow the proper AM’s upon me :wink:

Interesting take. I generally place my healers at flank because they take too long to fire when tucked in the wings. Especially if they also buff my team.

I guess I would prefer my healer to die sooner but heal more heroes before he does than have him alive for longer and have him heal less heroes. I guess I would switch them around during Field Aid but for raids I am not so sure.

Interested to hear what everyone has to say on that topic specifically. I always assumed that my healer should be on the flank to heal ( and in this case also buff ) early on rather than later on.

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Yes, Boldie is sturdy enough to flank and there he has the chance to cast before almost all are already dead.

Additionally he may take better advantage of Tritons heal up buff.


I prefer there to be two hard hitting threats flanking my tank. It’s a bit discouraging when you are trying to take out someone’s tank and getting your hero’s picked off by the flanks. Plus BT isn’t a threat other than his heal. I usually keep my healers in the wings, except Grazul, mostly. Of course I’ve had both Kiril and/BT tank depending on the situation. But that’s just me, everyone has a different opinion

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