Best place to farm most enemies?

Hey all! Happy Monday.
Another fresh start to POV. :smile:

And boy do I have some loot tickets to burn.

With that being said. I’d like to use my tickets to get my “Defeat enemies” tab done asap

Can anyone tell me the best place to auto play for the most enemies?

Thanks all :relaxed:

In general S1:7-4, but during Valhalla Forever I suggest S3:9-8.


Season 1 7-4 is always a winner.

you can check this too if you’re interested in farming in Valhalla for Valhalla Forever (personally I like province 9-8)


I prefer S4:8-6 Normal, however in terms of flag vs monsters S1:7-4 is the best route as the others said above.

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During Valhalla forever S3:8-6N gives an average of 16 enemies for 3 WE.

Thaats slightly better than S3:9-8N .

Happy farming


Choose the option that best suits.

If I want to easily fill an enemies’ daily challenge or enemy wanted chest I tend to go for S1 p3 s 2.

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I don’t recommend worrying at all about this challenge. If you play regularly, and don’t try to avoid killing stuff, that will fill up naturally and eventually grey out on its own. Don’t waste the effort trying to get it done sooner.


Pretty much, this and the experience challenge I usually get done within the week without having the need to “farm”. Considering that there are 50 days for it, there is no reason to rush.


I love what you’ve done with the spreadsheet. The data is not only helpful, but the layout makes it easy to find and understand. I’ve worked with enough spreadsheets to know this was well thought out and took a great deal of work. Thanks for putting it together and putting in the hard work. Great job!

S3:8-2 or 9-2 give about 17 enemies, so still better. 8-6 however is best for yellow chest, even without VF is a bit better than S1 stages.
The best stage overall for enemies is S2:4-3N during AR, about 18 enemies for 3 flags.