Heimdall to replace aegir?

So I’m currently running for raid defense Vivica+4, sartana+10, aegir+9, marjana+10, alasie +11. I’m about to final ascend Heimdall. Was thinking of replacing aegir with Heimdall and giving Heimdall aegirs emblems. What do you all think

Yep, given you have a corner Alasie, having a different colour tank is superior. There are less hard counters to Heimdall too

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Did a ten pull and received Heimdall and norns. Not sure about norns. Heimdall looks good though.

Yep, I’d also go for Heimdall.

I’m not so impressed by Norns…

Yes, you need to get a green hero in there. I’m not yet sure if Heimdall will be a ‘better’ tank than Aegir, but simply not doubling your tank color will mean your overall defense improves.

I’d also suggest the following alignment: Sartana, Vivica, Heimdall, Alasie, Marjana.

  • Generally, your fast snipers belong in the corners.
  • At wing Vivica will fire far too late to have any impact in the fight with her slow mana.
  • Lastly, I personally find Alasie much more annoying at flank than wing. Two reasons: I can often reflect Alasie with Mitsuko if the former is at wing, it’s more of a toss up with her at flank. Also, Alasie’s mana impairment hurts a lot more earlier in the fight. She’ll fire sooner at flank than wing.

Thx. I’ll do that as soon as Heimdall is finished. She’s on the end because I didn’t want 2 blues together. I’ll switch Viv and sart now. See what happens.

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I have the same dilemma, but different heroes. Thought it would belong to this thread since it is the same two heroes. Took about a year off the game, some my hero emblems are still fairly low.

Current lineup (emblems):
Evelyn (10) - Zimkitha (7) - Aegir (9) - Gravemaker (10) - Lianna (0)

Heimdall is currently 1/1, so it will be a while before I even get him to be a candidate.
On my bench (not used for defense):

  • Mitsuko (0)
  • Vivica (7)
  • Joon (0)
  • Leonidas (0)
  • Anzogh (3/70)
  • Margaret (3)
  • Boss Wold (0)
  • Domitia (0)
  • Sartana (0)
  • Richard (0)
  • Magni (0)

Others are all 4* some with emblems and worse 5* at 3/70 or lower.

I have a lot of green, so wondering if it best to keep Aegir as tank, but I’m curious if others would agree?

I’ve maxed my heimdall and he’s awesome. Kinda sucks he’s slow Mana. If I had a Mana troop on him I might take aegirs emblems and give to heimdall. I have level 15 Mana on aegir. But on offense heimdall once he gets going is a beast. Just like telly once she starts look out. Lol

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Took all aegir’s emblems and gave to heimdall not a single regret either. Lol

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Lol. I should do this on a question i asked awhile ago

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