Blue leveling advice and tank option!

I have 10 scopes

My blue team

Im 95% willing to go with aegir cuz i hate slow heroes

Stop me if im wrong!!

Also: who would be the best tank in ur opinion??

For blues, I would hold on to the scopes until the good ones grace you with their presence. There are better options landing in your lap sooner or later. But if you happen to get Isarnia’s costume, go for her. S1 slow heroes are only worthy now to ascend if you have their costumes.

Frigg is a good flank even if she has tanky stats. But paladins are made to serve as tank. Now it is a question between Telluria and Heimdall. Defense-wise, Hemmy excels than Telly. But skill-wise, Telluria is more effective in delaying the attacker’s mana and her minions may help add some meat shield to your heroes as well as supplementing damage to the attackers since her special also deals a nerfed damage. Heimdall may boost the health stat of his allies, but he does not thing the attacking forces. However, due to Telly’s nerfing, she ain’t the hero when released in the live game, Hemmy can not only be effective on yanking, he also is better in the other facets of the game.


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