Best formation

I’m looking for the best defense training possible … all advice is welcome
family link viability

Hi, can you be more specific about what you’re looking for?

Is it for raids? Titans? Normal Defence? Tournament? War Defence?

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Normal defense please

Right now:
Kingston, Gravemaker, Aegir, drake, sartana
Kingston, GM, Kunchen, Drake, Magni/Ariel

Future: probably not change much tbh…

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Kingston puss bosswolf drake snow?

Probably not.

Snow-white is unreliable on defence imo because she needs maximum buffs to be most effective (i.e. timing that an AI won’t use).
Boss wolf (while others really rate him) is in my opinion sub-par to Kunchen or Ursena as a purple tank.
Puss again needs other minion makers to be fully effective. The attack buff and HoT is meh as you’re losing a hitter.
Essentially you’re making your defence much more passive, relying more on slash damage than anything else to kill the enemy. I’m more a fan of hitting defences… I.e. if I was weighing up an attack between a hitting defence and a passive one, I’ll chose the passive one cause I can toss tiles all I like and not suffer.

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Thanks…magni and Ariel… .clash of badges … Isarnia with costume?

Hmmmm… Quite slow for a wing is all.

I suggested Ariel for the healing but she’s still average. Maybe switch GM to wing and Ariel to flank?

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Regular def doesn’t need heal tbh. You can’t recover from a good opponant board while you miss a sniper when you can punish for a bad board.

This def is amazing, or king, GM, kun, Magni, Drake.

anyway it should keep you above 2600

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I’m a big fan of kunchen tank with alby wing and sticking emblem Magni somewhere on that team. Tough to kill!! Plus you have drake/grave, the best flanks in the game. I just glanced at your heroes, didn’t put a lot of thought into this but I’d very happily set my defense as Alberich, Gravemaker, Kunchen, Drake, Magni. Lots of fire power and lots of resilience.

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i can maximize lianna and misandra
misandra grave kunchen drake lianna?

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Have a play around :slight_smile: you may find that something unexpected works best :slight_smile: to

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Thanks for yours answers :hugs:
only one blue is missing that doesn’t match the emblems …

Based on the levels they are at now, I think:

Alby, Drake, Kunchen, GM, Kingston

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