Advice on raid defense

Currently my defense is pretty effective, but it could definitely be better. The problem for me has always been the fact that though I am relatively lucky with 5* heroes I have had equally bad luck getting tanks. Until this past Atlantis when I drew Kunchen, but of course I don’t have the tabards to fully ascend him. So, right now I am running Evelyn as my tank and have a rainbow team. However, I recently maxed Kingston so am debating on using him in place of Magni and giving him the emblems. I thought about replacing Evelyn with him, but she’s arguably my best tank right now and that will leave me with Magni and Kingston and one would be without emblems. I know Ares has been a good tank in the past, but his glory days seem to be behind him. I have played around with queen of hearts, but I couldn’t really decide the most effective line up to use with her. Poseidon would be finished, but I need a tome of tactics. Anyway, here is my current defensive team and my top heroes. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Drake; Zim; Viv (with costume) all make decent tanks for tank-deprived teams. Ares w emblems works too. He kept me around 2550-2600 for a long time.

With your lineup right now I’d put Drake at tank, remove Eve and insert Kingston into Drake’s current spot if you have emblems for King. If not, King in the right corner and Magni slides to the side of Drake

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My suggestion for your defence:

Kingston -> Kageburado -> Drake Fong -> Queen of Hearts -> Magni

Suggestion for future:
Kingston -> Kageburado -> Drake Fong -> Queen of Hearts -> Rumpelstiltskin

Also shift fighter emblems over to Kingston from Magni…

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