Heroes for defensive team

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Which is the best formation?

(I can change emblems if you want)

Thank’s a lot, have a nice day…

Here is a good rainbow team with def- and the supporting cast to take advantage of that:

Zimkitha | Frida | Kunchen | Onatel | Lianna

But you have many good options with your roster :slight_smile:



Lots of good options!

Let’s see…Best Formation…for what scenario? Titans? Defense?

Possible Defense Builds:
Zim / Onatel / Kunch / Drake Fong / Alb
Evelyn / Kunch / Onatel / Hel / Frida
Evelyn / Zim / Aegir / Marjana / Lianna
Azlar / Kunch / Onatel / Hel / Isarnia
Zim / Joon / Kunch / Drake Fong / Alb

The combinations could go on and on!

I havent leveled Margaret yet, so I’m not sure yet where she would fit.

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No, Margaret and Ameonna is a perfect sample the worst heroes for defense in raid and in war (all rules applied).

Thank you so much Dave and Qwikening…

Rainbow defense with these heroes is possible or different emblems to have more power?

Now I’m using this formation…


Aegir is a much better tank than Hel.

That’s not a bad setup otherwise for rainbow defense.

I tend to go with opposing colors of the tank on each side of the tank. 2-1-1-1 kinda color scheme.

I think the following would pack a punch

Alby Zim Kunchen Hel Isarnia

It would slow them down a lot, and Isarnia would be the finisher

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Hel tank is good, I don’t like Aegir flank much myself though.

Emblems are good, I wouldn’t spend reset emblems nor gems. The heroes you gave them too can all use them well on offense too.

Alby, Zim, Kunchen, Drake, Frida would be my suggestion.

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Thank a lot…

I wait for new suggestions if you want

Strength and courage … you are all shy?

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