Best event for a 10x?

I will have enough gems for a 10 pull coming up in a few days (2950 right now). What is the next event that you would save your gems for if you were a F2P person?

Congrats on your will power, I only resent you a little for it :upside_down_face:

Truthfully it would help a lot to know your current roster and what your biggest goals are.


for me, knight of avalon :smile:


I would say any of the ones where you get bonus item, Atlantis or Valhalla is probably funner as you can get season 1 without costumes of course through tc 20.


I vote Guardians of Teltoc and it’s coming up soon.


I would go with the costume chamber

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Probably Atlantis rising. It helps a tone to have proteus. Or costumes as most of your heroes will come from tc20

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Im in the same boat. (im c2p)

I plan to do a x10 pull plus some spare individual summons but i dont know where to focus on this time.
I need more than anything a green 5* so the cleaver option here is or Costume chamber or Valhalla (heimdall).

On the other hand id love to have falcon or Jackal !
so doing a x10 in teltoc makes sense too.


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Look at the event you like the 4 stars the best…hope for a 5 but you may get 2-3 four stars in a 10x…


With only a 10 pull, id advise either Atlantis or Valhalla instead of a challenge event.

The reason is simple, you are FAR more likely to get S2 or S3 heroes from those portals than you are to get a challenge or seasonal hero. Just look at the odds in the various portals.

The chances of getting nothing but S1 heroes in anything else are simply too high.


I think there are a few ways to think about this question. One is "which event has the best heroes? And I think there are good reasons to support the answers of this ilk you’ve received; Knights of Avalon could give you Merlin, Lancelot, Guinevere, or King Arthur, for example. The Guardians can give you heroes with elemental defense specials, which is rare.

You could also look at it from the “value” perspective, in which case the costume draw is nice as you get the costume (which can make some of the heroes your likely already own better) and the hero. That feels like a two-for-one.

A third way is to think about the likelihood that you’ll pull a good hero. There are a lot of opinions on this, too, as well a folks who have documented the odds. There was a lot of discussion on this topic after the Tavern of Legends as the odds for that event were relatively low. Atlantis Rising has good heroes plus a chance (warning, slim!) of drawing a pervious HotM.

If you’re interesting the the previous HotM draws, you may consider saving your gems for a while longer depending upon which characters you want. Kind and clever folks can let you know who is in circulation when. This month, for example, we expect: Gregorion, Seshat, Misandra, and Poseidon. All good, particularly Seshat and Poseidon, IMO.

A prediction spreadsheet is here.

Good luck


It depends on what your needs are.

Where I specifically would NOT pull:

Costume Chamber. All are S1 heroes, and you can get those from TC. Yes, there are costumes, but you get keys for free pulls.

The 4 Seasonal Events ( Springvale, Sand Empire, Return to Morlovia, Santa’s Challenge): Your Epic Hero tokens work here, and that means free pulls.

Valhalla: Currently not all heroes are available, and you can get free coins, plus coin farming is quite possible.

Tavern of Legends: Free coins like the costume chamber, but no costumes. Slim chance at a past HOTM.

That leaves these:

Atlantis: Some very good heroes here, like Proteus. If you don’t have Proteus, I’d pull here. He’s literally game changing.

The 5 rotating events(Avalon, Pirates, Wonderlan, Grimforest, Teltoc): You can get Challenge Coins, but you can also use them in any of the 5 events, so they are saveable.

Pirates seems the weakest to me, and is the one I still haven’t pulled a hero in, so I’m ruling that out. I would use challenge coins there, just not a 10 pull.

Teltoc has 3 great elemental debuffers in Falcon, Jackal, and Panther; I don’t have Panther yet. Kong has been good for me, and Bat has been used a little. I’d pull here if you want better titan scores.

Avalon, Grimforest, and Wonderland have some great heroes as well, but they don’t as easily classify as Teltoc, where the elemental debuff is strong.

Good luck in whatever you choose.


The thing is that i have all the epics i want even the new ones from Valhalla. So , theres no consolation for me in that way if they are not the following 4*

I need the epics from teltoc which i dont have.

I would be thankful if i get some missing epic costumes like Kiril one. Id like to try Kashhrek costume too. But i could say i have the most important ones (rigard, sonya , boldtusk, tibs and melendor).

The thing is that having a solid bench of 4* im aiming to get a specific 5* in my following pulls(as casual pay i have to choose wisely which offers i buy) . This specific 5* that i need is a green hero because my alliance runs this color for war .
Its funny see my vela and ursena flanking a costume melendor or a hansel :smile:

the tc 20 is not an option for me because i do plenty of pulls in a month (in fact most of my 5* come from my pulls and not for using the tc 20). I have been running it for a couple of months, i benched it two months ago and instead im running a dynamic tc which can change depending what i need (tc 11 mostly but sometimes is another tc 2 or even a tc 19)

So , i have to consider my best options.

If i plan to pull a green 5* i should pull either from costume chamber (elkanen , lianna or kadilen ) or Valhalla(heimdall) :thinking: . Anyways its not likely to pull just a green from there so i have to consider doing a x10 in teltoc like the cleverest choice and try to get those useful elemental defense down heroes which indeed are more possible to get than a specific color legendary .

So , its a though choice , chasing a specific color that avoided you from the begining vs pulling wisely following the best odds/ outcome

Wait for the next Valhalla

I did my first ever 10x pull in this S3 summon and no good heroes , all will be depend on the luck , can’t say about it exactly

Avalon, there are many good 5* there, but u might end up getting junk.

Bigger chance not getting junk either atlantis or valhalla

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Valhalla or Guardians of Teltoc. They have some of the best 4* in the game (higher odds to pull). Guardians has three elemental defense debuffers and two of them are 4*. Also, the 4* added to Valhalla are really good. Gullinbursti and Almur are amongst my favourites.

My vote goes to Valhalla :slight_smile:

In my honest opinion, your decision is a personal one based on your roster and what you need / want.
But for me, I would go - Atlantis then Valhalla then Costume chamber then (for hero specific) special events
Good luck


Plus one from me… a mix of great elemental heroes in both 4 and 5 stars.

There are some great heroes in S2 and S3, but you can earn coins for their summons, so I don’t think I’d use gems right now.

Other events have solid choices, but besides a few like Finley for example, they’re pretty niche heroes… just my opinion of course.

Costume portal is another great option.


So many different opinions here.
@BigDaddyLewis77, may be you should create a poll? :slight_smile:

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