Advice on Challenge Summons - F2P friendly

So this my first year playing. I need all the help I can get as I can not afford more than F2P.

In your sage wisdom, what events are worth pulling for?

I know for Christmas, you will want Buddy at some point.
Knights of Avalon is for the Black Knight.

What other events are worth investing and saving for?

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Guardians of Teltoc is probably best to pull for. 3 elemental def down heroes in there. :+1:


So, welcome to the game it is really enjoyable on the climb so I’m glad you are experiencing this

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If you’re saving coins for pulls here are my thoughts (which I think most people will agree with):

Most valuable challenge event to pull: Guardians of Teltoc

Atlantis: Pull with coins when there is a featured hero/HOTM that you have better odds of getting (for example next month Kingston is featured who is an excellent nature hero)

Valhalla: Since there is a trickle-down introduction of heroes it may behoove you to wait until the majority or all the Valhalla heroes are released so you can get the optimal hero. This would mean sitting on Valhalla coins which I can understand can be frustrating.

EHT: You’re right that Christmas currently would be your best bang for the buck, you would just want to make sure you are aware of the HotMs for December and January and decide to pull the tokens for the more favorable one to increase your odds there.

ToL: Pull whenever, these are the worst summoning odds in the game and are barely worth mentioning. If you want to “wait” until a hero is added or featured go ahead but there’s really no point.

Costume Keys: These are good to pull whenever there is a featured hero you would like. There are still a batch of Season 1 heroes pending their costume (Marjana comes to mind) so if you want one that’s available now, pulling sooner rather than later means you won’t have to deal with a further diluted summoning pool

Edit: I also changed your title as I was going to flag it because the title sounded like you were just sharing what you summoned during current challenge event.


I’ve being said Teltoc event is best to pull.
However, for new players, I feel Costumes is the best one. You get a costume that enhances the hero, AND you also get the hero, and it has a good drop.
I’d also recommend Atlantis and Valhalla then.

And level Training Camp to lvl 20 (TC20), there you can get 4* and 5* S1 heroes (that’s where I got majority of my 5*). No gems needed here.

Basically agree with @voidstrike (no surprise there), but I’ll add a bit of commentary as a fellow F2P.

Agree, but honorable mention to Grimforest. Hansel and Gretel are both relatively accessible mana controllers. I’m still pulling for Jackal and Falcon (missed on both of the last two Teltoc events), but if I get even one of them in November, I’ll probably start pulling Grimforest.

Pull only with Atlantis coins until you have completely finished normal and hard. I pulled Proteus on a single pull with my very last cache of Atlantis coins. Miracles happen. Also, the value of pulling Atlantis drops precipitously once you get Proteus and Wilbur, as the legendaries, while great, are so hard to get, and the other epics are kinda ho-hum.

I know @Shohoku79 is going with this strategy, but I’m actually thinking of pulling this month to try and get Almur (green def down hero, and a sorcerer to boot). Better odds of getting him now versus when the pool gets diluted. Counterpoint: it could get diluted with even better heroes.

I feel that Sand Empire and Christmas heroes are decidedly a cut above Easter and Halloween, with the caveat that Halloween is getting new heroes this year. I plan to pull those two exclusively with EHTs, at least until I get all the rares and epics from both.

Yup; the odds on this one are just awful. Only caveat is that I didn’t pull last month because PoV wasn’t active. Thought I could pad my “summon heroes” challenge numbers with these pulls. Then, the next PoV launches, and “summon heroes” isn’t one of the challenges anyway. :man_shrugging:

The ones worth pulling for now, if you don’t have them (imo): Rigard, Melendor, Kiril, Sonya, Caedmon, BT, Tiburtus. If you have most of those, you should probably wait. If not, try to get them now.


I’d save every event coin for Guardians of Teltoc. All golden tokens for Christmas event. Gems you can spend on Atlantis portal if you want to. Try to summon all at the same month for more chances of a HOTM.

That’s what I’m doing at the moment. I don’t wanna waste resources on these weak new HOTMs, so I’m saving everything for december. Hopefully that HOTM will be decent. And hopefully I’ll get Mother North. I need better green 5* in my team.


+1 from me :+1:

The 4*s are great, and most of the 5*s are good too.

For Christmas, you should just save all your epic hero tokens and use them then. That’s how I pulled my first and only Buddy (had 50 saved up).

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Well, I wouldn’t call it a “strategy” per se, more like a method I am imploring for season 3 since I pulled Atlantis as they were being released a year ago, so I was basically pulling each month (with heroes still being released) each time I get 100 Atlantis Coins (not knowing then that their chances of appearance would be nerfed in favor of Valhalla Coins now). But started playing later, you would have the slight “advantage” on Atlantis over:

  • Seeing the entire Atlantis roster released (albeit fully diluted with the S2 heroes)
  • Pick and choose which month you want to spend your coins on basis on the two featured Atlantis Heroes and two past Heroes of the Month that you might desire (and of course chance at hero of the month for that month), if everything happened to fall in place like that.
  • You get to work on Atlantis on your schedule as needed. You still get the benefits of having the guaranteed coins for first time finish of the stages (Normal and Hard Mode)
  • You still get to have the coin rewards for finishing the entire map (Normal and Hard Mode)
  • You can also choose to work on Atlantis stages during Atlantis Rises for the reduced World Energy Cost, as well as chances for additional Atlantis Coins from the Orichalcum Sea Dragons (the reduced WE and Sea Dragons weren’t available initially).

Any way, back to Valhalla, what @Noble_Weasel said is correct, I am hoarding all my Valhalla Coins until Season 3 roster is totally finalized, but more like a contrary to how I summoned for Season 2 heroes. Even then, I likely won’t spend all of my Valhalla Coins in one month’s summon either.

I am currently almost done saving my Gems for a 30x pull, and I will be using it on Atlantis in my last ditch effort to shore up some heroes that I don’t already have (I have all the S2 3*, missing a few 4* and no 5*). I am also F2P, but I collect unique heroes and I do not purchase roster spaces (never have), so there are no duplicates on my roster. I figured going Atlantis will likely allow me to manage my roster better without too much of an influx of new heroes that will force me to buy roster space cap increase. Plus a 30x pull just to say I did one.


I agree with most of the post above, personally I love Wonderland. All 5* heros are top notch and very unique in specials. Hatter steals buffs, Alice/Rabbit make opponents soft/squishy, QOH is a taunter, and Jabber is op poisoner/ wing killer.

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Don’t forget Pixie. Pixie is a little treasure in 3* tournaments, rare challenge events and early levels of ToL.


Fair point. I tend to forget about the newly added event three-stars, because the only one I have is Guardian Bat (who ain’t too shabby himself). I do know folks who have and love Pixie, though.

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With the new challenges like slayers now and circus a few months ago, is guardian still the best place to use challenge coins for pulls?

I’m thinking yes or Starfall Circus

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