Next 5* dark for war depth choice

G’day crew

Today, grimble and sartana both popped up on single pulls (yew!) and sitting on 6 Tabards need some more war depth. Already have maxed kage, seshat and wolfy (don’t judge!)

Choices to max next for war depth are
Dupe kage
Dupe seshat
Or sartana

(Have other dark 5 but yeh not tabard worthy)

My gut says max out another seshat as she rocks, but variety is appealing , thoughts ?


Yeah, dupe Kage or Seshat seems like the right choice here.


I’d have to agree

Other than panther, hel, ursena and maybe the dark 5* heals or victor. I cant think of anyone else I’d max over more kages or seshats.

I know i cant have enough dark snipes. That bein said, i cant have enough tabbards either.


Second Johnny Cage probably. Even in raids I would seriously hate you if you’d put Guin surrounded by two Kages.

+1 on Kage or Seshat.

Which one I would say depends on what you personally prefer. The V. Fast sniper or the Fast sniper with minions & cleanse (x3)

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Thanks guys, was pretty much my thoughts to. Guess ya gotta draw a line somewhere between variety and what will actually work best. I prefer seshat over kage and think will work better in the stack, cheers :slight_smile:

Seshat. She’s a hard counter to Guin, if you can max 6, max 6!


You planning on pulling for guardians next month? If so, I’d wait. See if you get GP…

ha I limit my pulls a lot these days, have a fair few extras I can still max out but yeh I am sure if I pull the trigger on tabards Panther will show up on a token spin lol

I also have grimble and sartana. No dupes seshat. Who will be better?

Sartana. Best of the vanilla snipers (maybe second only to Joon).

Grimble is wayyyyyyy too niche imo. Damage is pretty average & you only get full benefit when you’re facing minion makers who are pretty rare on defences these days…

At the risk of hijacking the thread, I have a similar question to the OP and your post kind of reflects my own views on this…
I already have: Kunchen, Kage and Seshat at max.
Now i have 6 tabards again I was wondering whether to go with a 2nd Seshat or with Bosswolf. (other 3-70’s include Domitia, Mok, Quintus, Obakan, a 3rd Seshat and a new Grumbles)

To wit… I dont really NEED a new purple tank (for war) in Boss and I KNOW Seshat will be a monster in wars and raids… I assume you would recommend I just pull that 2nd Sesh trigger. ho hum.


Yeah definitely Seshat #2 imho. What do u need bosswolf for? U have a great purple tank already.

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quite right. Although i have split emblems between Ariel and Kunchen, so Boss may theoretically get more power in the long run, and he could be a useful tank. I think you are right though. Seshat is just really so good. I think I am decide. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Wait a minute…best of the vanilla snipers? Sartana is probably 3rd or 4th behind Lianna and Joon and maybe Magni.

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Yeah kinda forget Lianna sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d put it at

  1. Lianna
  2. Joon & sartana
  3. Magni
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Can’t argue with that…though blind is much more annoying than poison.

Hmm but I don’t use Joon :stuck_out_tongue: got Drake X2 for my blinding haha

Anyways, we’re hijacking this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha hijack accepted! Haha kidding. I ended up going a 2nd seshat and no regrets, have a guin killing team now. However I also have a maxed boss wolf and use him as my raid tank and he has out performed any of my other tanks I have ever used (he is tier 15 too) but I don’t have kunchen so there’s that too. I would still say go a second seshat, she is a monster and running 2 on offense is stella

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Nope, Lianna is.

Now who’s 2nd is debatable, but #1 will always be Lianna from the TC20 camp.