Best blue tank based on this defense

My alliance currently runs blue tanks for war. I ran with Aegir for a while, then switched to Athena. My other options are Ariel, Frida, Isarnia, Snow White, and Alasie. The rest of my war defense is currently Mother North, Gravemaker, Oatmeal, and Seshat, in that order, but I do have lots of other options in the other colors.

Which blue tank would you use with the above defense? Why? Anyone else you would swap in for one of the other heroes?

Oh I am curious to see “Oatmeal’s” stats. Not heard of him/her. What is their special? I would put them in the middle though, they will absorb a lot of damage - much better than any of your blues :rofl:


Aegir and Ariel are your best blue tank options, Aegir is probably better in this situation with MN. I’d prefer a fast yellow in place Onatel to flank tho, if you have one. Drake, Poseidon, Joon… Aegir is best at absorbing damage while your hitters get going. 60% of your defense is passive right now and might not hit back hard enough.

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This seems close to me so I actually feel the emblem situation could swing the situation. Regardless, I would give some strong consideration to Isarnia.

Since your alliance uses blue tanks the whole point is to stress their collective stock of green heroes. Isarnia does this, as she virtually demands a green stack, while Aegir does not - his passivity allows the attacker to go neutral color mono or stack against the flanks.

In contrast, Isarnia puts the attacker on the clock; they must kill her before she fires. Typically the most effective way to do this is with tiles, hence the green stack. As an added benefit, if Mother North revives Isarnia and the latter fires, that dramatically changes the fight. I doubt the same is true of Aegir.


Lets start a petition to get this guy and some other ones added hahahahaha

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MoNo, GM, Athena, Onatel, Seshat…how is that 60% passive? I’m confused

Oatmeal = Onatel, thanks to autoerror

Aegir and MN don’t do any damage with their specials. Onatel does relatively little damage. Her special is more about slowing down the opposition. Your defense is counting on GM and Seshat to kill the enemy while the other 3 basically by time. That’s what I meant by passive. Imo, another high damage dealer would be more effective.

Aegir and MN do not harm any specialty. Onatel deals relatively low damage. Her specialization is more in slowing down the opposition. Your defense expects GM and Seshat to kill the enemy and the other 3 to kill sloty over time. This is what I meant by passive skill. Imo, another dealer with more damage will be more efficient.

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@Orichalcum-Aife :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



I’d take a different tank depending on the field rule.

Aid: Ariel
Arrows: Athena
Buff: Frida

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This is interesting. Been thinking about this a lot.
Mind giving the reason behind your choices?

It simply tries to reinforce whatever the field will offer to support the defender.

Aid: Add health (e.g. 2 healers)
Arrows: Debuff defense
Att Buff: Add damage (AoE)

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I think Aegir is just the best blue tank in the game. A lot of people struggle with him. If the alliance is using blue tanks I think you want as many Aegir as possible. Especially with gravemaker next to him, discouraging green attackers is great because Aegir is tough to kill using neutral colors. And people need to bring dispellers to Aegir. People run out of dispellers. What is somebody gonna do, make 6 teams that include both dispeller and cleanser to deal with Aegir/GM? And MN is making the team tougher to kill. I do agree that Onatel could be replaced with something that hits harder. Drake would be best. Joon is good. Something that is more aggressive. Between Aegir/MN you already have your support heroes and the remaining team should be high damage output. Seshat and GM are excellent.

I think you have Zeline don’t you? I would like her better than MN. Between her attack debuff+Aegir defense buff, enemy attackers are doing no damage and Zeline extra damage to blue, Gravemaker extra damage to green, makes your team a nightmare to attack. What are they gonna do attack your Aegir tank with red heroes? Red heroes don’t have cleanse OR dispel.


for as many characters as is needed…

This is exactly what I do. I lack cleanse a bit so I have to use a few wildcards (taunt, immunity type stuff) … and honestly, at this point most of my teams have 2 dispel heroes (one main and one off color, cleanse generally in off color), or I use heroes that dont really care about buffs (dot).

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Pinks runs a training alliance tho. They war against people who don’t even have 6 war teams :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m using Athena, not Aegir

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