Best attack team around Miki

Hi guys

I maxed miky. I know people doesn’t live him I raids but I don’t have lots of maxed five(magni and seshat) and I won’t to build one war team around him

What do you think can be best support heroes for such a team.

I know you don’t know my roster but we can play in generalitis. Like Wu is great with aoe miky is great with…

Wilbur is a good partner, if you have him and are willing to do a 3-2 red-blue stack, or something like that.

With Wilbur and Miki active, you target an enemy with higher HP; you would be able to hit the entire enemy team hard that way.

The biggest challenge with this setup though, is charging them both. Since one is red and average speed, the other blue and slow speed.

EDIT: also for healing aid wars, Miki’s buff would actually be pretty beneficial in general. Consider using him against campy healing focused teams under such conditions.