Best 3* team for attack?

What does everyone have for their 3* team for the monthly event?

You’ll want a spread of yellow, green, and red heroes. I went through rare using Bane x2, Hisan, Berden, Isshtak, Belith, Brienne, Squire Wabbit, and Hawkmoon.

Bane Kailani Belith Balthazar Tyrum Ishtaak

Azaar briefly

Smashed it

I finished using Squire Rabbit, Ganju, Kailani, Berdin, and Brienne. Small healing and mana potions.

Cheers everyone! What do people think of Arman (3* yellow sand hero) I have kept him in case it was buffed…?

Here are my current 3*

Friar Tuck
Gan Ju

I don’t have Arman, alas. I think it would be difficult to use Karil, Gunnar, or Greymane (Avalon is blue reflect), though I usually love Gunnar’s shield effect)…

Dont use any blues if possible.
This leaves you with a rather thin bench it seems.
It seems your rooster is severely Color handicaped. :frowning_face:

Belith is most valuable player. Without her you dont win the endfight.

I dont know Arman and I like manacontrol.

Best I see would be something like:

Belith, Tuck, Nashgar, Bane and Gan Ju.

Unfortunately this makes you vunerable to color screwed boards but with average yellow and green tiles you should do well.

Wish you best of luck.

Thanks. Will work on 3* pulls from my tc20 and hope for some more NON blues :wink:

Arman is better than Dawa but worse than Bane and Gan Ju. That makes him at least for experienced players worthless I think.

I think yours is the first post that wants 3* heroes from TC 20. :rofl:

There shouldnt be a problem to get lots of them out of TC 20. :grin:
Baltazar would be a nice one to start with.

LOL! I’m pretty unique (and realistic…) 6 pulls so far. 1 4* and 5 3* but all rubbish ones! lol :frowning:

I finish the epic with mostly 3*…

Just to encourage those with mostly 3* to try epic even if you do not have much 4*
Do bring in 2 healers. Belith is fanastic for the debuff!

Arman is cool but the AoE 3*s are generally weak so I threw all mine away. However I could see a new player with mostly 3s and a few 4s finding him very useful.

What Kind of materials did you use ?
What Kind of troops did you use ?

If you finished epic with mostly ( that would be at least 3 ) 3* and average material and no more than lvl6 troops I congratulate you. You are defenitely a better player than I am.

I didnt have Belith when I did it but even with Kiril, Chao, Tiburtus, Little John and Tyrum ( all the 4" I have and at least 3/60 ) I just won the last Epic level using all my materials.
Well ist still a long way to go. :slight_smile:

I believe you are a very good player no doubt. Maybe i just got a good board at last stage

I finish the event with Sabina Sonya both at 3/60, belith berden hisan
my troops are below lvl 5 for 2* troops

I am very new in this game… so will like to encourage others who just started out this game to give epic a go… the reward is fanastic ( compass & trap tools)
the only thing you waste is energy… no gems needed, why not>

take your time, plan your move. I just aim to complete, disregard the timing as I just wanted to complete :slight_smile:

Congrats Elayanith on finishing epic… ascend mats are soooo hard to get in this game

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