Best 3* for weekly raid challenges

I’ve been reflecting on the class system and I think one of the major goals for SGG was to get people to use a lot of otherwise neglected heroes. I had seen many posts asking for this (let me get some exercise for Bane!), and from the posts about trials it seems clear that many people are now dipping into their stock of 3* heroes to fill out lineups. Overall, I think that part of the class system has been a success.

I have no information about the weekly raid challenges, but I speculate that SGG will continue this trend. I am contemplating diverting some of my resources to filling out my 3* bench so I can be ready. I’ve been reviewing my roster and would appreciate any input. My priority would be heroes that would facilitate raids in the scenario I laid out (3* or lower, from maybe only one or two classes - though I have no idea what classes would be combined), with bonus value if they can be an asset in the 3* tier of challenge events.

Maxed: Namahage, Karil
Unleveled: (another) Namahage

Maxed: Hawkmoon, Kailani
Unleveled: Mnesseus

Maxed: Brienne, Belith
Unleveled: Melia

Maxed: Valen
Unleveled: Gato, Rudolph, (another) Valen

Maxed: Bane, Gan Ju
Unleveled: Friar Tuck, (another) Bane

Maxed: Tyrum x2
Unleveled: none

Maxed: Berden
Unleveled: none

Maxed: none
Unleveled: Carver

Maxed: none
Unleveled: Chochin, Gill-Ra

Maxed: Balthazar
Unleveled: (another) Balthazar


3* heroes currently make up the majority of my squad at this point in time. My most impactful 3’s are:

  • Balthazar
  • Valen
  • Azar

There are no 3* heroes that I aboid when raiding, though, and I only just did my first ever Atlantis pull which gave me both Gato and Melia. It’ll be sone time before I form an opinion of them, tho… although I do remember Melia doing some serious damage on a few occasions against me!

I do have Karil maxed, but he’s been rather lackluster by compare to Valen. I only use him in a stack WITH Valen as a result

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