Namahage vs Nashgar

Hey all,

So one of the things I’m working on is getting pairs of heroes in each element of 3*/4*/5* characters in order to excel at the monthly challenge events. For the 3* Fire category I’m levelling Nashgar but recently came upon a Namahage and I’m curious what the good people on here think of them? I do have a second Nashgar so levelling two Nashgar’s is a possibilty. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for any and all guidance!

I think better max 1 Nash and 1 Namahage (if you want 2 red 3*)

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Nashgar is worse than Namahage, wich is Nashgar 2.0

For events they are both good but you’ll find on Nahamage a better hero as he himself increase his own special and tile damage by raising his attack score.

So… if you’ll not get another Nahamage go with both.


Thank you both for your input! :slight_smile:

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3* atlantis pretty good. if i were you i choose the atlantis one

I myself have been wondering about the best 3 stars to level up for those special events as well. I started a topic and this is a linked to the reply I got hope it helps! It would be great if there is a topic on the best 3-star Heroes to level up for those special events I have to say.


Reviving this topic again, now that Nashgars costume has been out. Cleaning out some roster space I’ve noticed im sitting on 2 maxed Nashgars, that I probably haven’t used in over a year, and pulled his costume in the last costume chamber.

I’m not too sold on him, but wanted to see, if anyone tried out how he performs in Challenge events before I feed them away.

I wouldn’t really use him anywhere else, so he’s just taking up roster space for now. I have enough 4* and 5* heroes for Tavern of Lavends, Ninja Tower, etc.

I think we’ve only had League of Villians since the costume release, so there probably isn’t much data.