Namahage vs Nashgar

Hey all,

So one of the things I’m working on is getting pairs of heroes in each element of 3*/4*/5* characters in order to excel at the monthly challenge events. For the 3* Fire category I’m levelling Nashgar but recently came upon a Namahage and I’m curious what the good people on here think of them? I do have a second Nashgar so levelling two Nashgar’s is a possibilty. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for any and all guidance!

I think better max 1 Nash and 1 Namahage (if you want 2 red 3*)

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Nashgar is worse than Namahage, wich is Nashgar 2.0

For events they are both good but you’ll find on Nahamage a better hero as he himself increase his own special and tile damage by raising his attack score.

So… if you’ll not get another Nahamage go with both.

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Thank you both for your input! :slight_smile:

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3* atlantis pretty good. if i were you i choose the atlantis one

I myself have been wondering about the best 3 stars to level up for those special events as well. I started a topic and this is a linked to the reply I got hope it helps! It would be great if there is a topic on the best 3-star Heroes to level up for those special events I have to say.


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