Best 1% Tournament question

Hello. After some time finally i reach that best 1% which would help me with Tournament final loot.
I dont care go higher only the final loot.

Which is the best way to move now?
Is It better to go slowly and only raiding if my % goes down? Or is It better to burn all the flags again tomorrow.

Here my defense team
Its rated A for now . But tournament is long

If you want to end up in the top 1%, you have to keep winning matches (using all your flags) till the final day, otherwise you will be pushed to lower tiers at some point.


You must burn them all. This is only temporary position. Tommorow without playing you will be lower.


Thanks guys. So my idea of playing carefully is not as good as i thought
Even keeping a good winrate defense team my rating will go down?(because people will still raiding and winning points i deduce )

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Yes, that can totally happen. Your best bet would be to try and win as many matches as possible, and pray that your defense stays at a good grade. :slight_smile:

Check this thread, where everyone posts their daily progress, you might get some ideas from there. Good luck and I hope you get your desired ranking and loot. :slight_smile:


Thanks Bro i didnt know that thread .
So i Will ask and share things there .

@zephyr1 Sorry for tagin you friend . Can you close this thread?


Sure, no problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

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