🏅 Raid Tournaments – Overview, Attacking, Matchmaking, Scoring, Restrictions, Special Rules, and Rewards

:calendar: Log of Raid Tournament Special Rules and Restrictions

# Date Special Rule Rarity Restrictions Element Restrictions
33 2019-12-01 Bloody Battle 5* No Nature/Green
32 2019-11-24 Rush Attack 5* None
31 2019-11-17 Buff Booster 3* None
30 2019-11-10 Bloody Battle 5* No Fire/Red
29 2019-11-03 Rush Attack 4* None
28 2019-10-27 Rush Attack 5* No Fire/Red
27 2019-10-20 Bloody Battle 4* No Ice/Blue
26 2019-10-13 Rush Attack 3* No Ice/Blue
25 2019-10-06 Bloody Battle 5* None
24 2019-09-29 Buff Booster 4* No Holy/Yellow
23 2019-09-22 Buff Booster 5* No Dark/Purple
22 2019-09-15 Bloody Battle 4* No Dark/Purple
21 2019-09-08 Rush Attack 2* None
20 2019-09-01 Bloody Battle 4* No Fire/Red
19 2019-08-25 Buff Booster 5* No Nature/Green
18 2019-08-18 Bloody Battle 3* No Nature/Green
17 2019-08-11 Rush Attack 4* No Dark/Purple
16 2019-08-04 Buff Booster 3* No Fire/Red
15 2019-07-28 Bloody Battle 3* None
14 2019-07-21 Buff Booster 5* None
13 2019-07-14 Rush Attack 5* No Holy/Yellow
12 2019-07-07 Buff Booster 4* No Nature/Green
11 2019-06-30 Bloody Battle 5* No Ice/Blue
10 2019-06-23 Rush Attack 3* No Holy/Yellow
9 2019-06-16 Buff Booster 4* No Ice/Blue
8 2019-06-09 Bloody Battle 4* None
7 2019-06-02 Rush Attack 5* No Ice/Blue
6 2019-05-21 Buff Booster 4* None
5 2019-05-07 Buff Booster 5* No Nature/Green
4 2019-04-30 Rush Attack 3* None
3 2019-04-22 Bloody Battle 5* None
2 2019-04-09 Buff Booster 3* None
1 2019-03-23 Rush Attack 4* None

:world_map: Overview of Weekly Raid Tournaments

:medal_sports: Tournament

Click for the Overall Process for the Tournament

:tickets: Attacking

Click for How Attacking Works

Other than restrictions on heroes/troops and Special Rules, the Raids themselves in Weekly Raid Tournaments work the same way as regular Raids.

Each day, you’ll be able to attack up to 5 teams.

The flags used for Raid Tournaments are separate from regular Raid flags.

NOTE: Kills in Raid Tournaments count toward your Wanted: Heroes Raid Chest, so Raid Tournaments also effectively give you extra flags to potentially help fill your chest.

One notable difference to Regular Raids — you can’t reroll.

For the whole of the Tournament, you have 4 “Lives.” Each time you lose a Raid, you lose one life.

The lives do not reset across days of the Tournament. Once you’d lost 4 times at any point during the Tournament, you are out.

If you choose, you can pay some gems to reset your lives after 4 losses — but your score and ranking would still be lowered because of the losses. Paying to reset your lives does NOT give you an advantage from the Raids you’ve already fought. It simply allows you to continue using your normal 5 flags per day and not be “out” of the Tournament.

There is no way to buy additional flags. So everyone ultimately had the same number of maximum flags to use for attacks during the Tournament. The only thing gems allow you to do is continue playing if you’ve used up all of your lives.

@NPNKY explained this well:

CAVEAT: How this worked in beta changed SEVERAL times during testing. It’s very possible we’ll see how all of this works evolve over time, much like Alliance Wars have changed many times since initial release.

:busts_in_silhouette: Matchmaking

This is an area of the Raid Tournaments that’s obviously had significant problems, and continual revision.

The developers are continuing to work to refine and improve how matchmaking works, so we don’t know exactly what to expect yet, but they’ve set up a Raid Tournament Change Log, which you can monitor for updates.

Matchmaking for Attacks

Click for details on Matchmaking for Attacks

As of the Third Raid Tournament, initial matchmaking was based on your Top 5 strongest heroes that qualified for the Tournament’s rarity and elemental restrictions:

This was slightly amended as of the Fourth Raid Tournament:

  • The difficulty of the opponents reduced slightly in the beginning of tournaments.

Matchmaking for Defense

Click for details on Matchmaking for Defense

As of the Sixth Raid Tournament, matchmaking for Defense teams was changed again:

  • Further improvements to the distribution of attacks, especially for the top players.
    • Keep in mind that if you’re in the top, your defense team will receive more attacks. This is due to the fact that there is a small number of top defense teams that are good matches for a large number of top attackers. We try to prioritize choosing a good opponent over choosing a too easy or too difficult opponent that hasn’t been attacked as much. We have also implemented a limit on how attacks count towards your Defense Grade. After the first five attacks of the day, only one attack per hour counts towards the grade.
  • Changes to the starting difficulty of opponents your defense team faces.
    • It is no longer based on the defense team you pick, but your best heroes that match the tournament requirements. We’ve brought this rule back because we want to encourage players to choose the best defense team they can, and thus provide a better challenge to their opponents. Due to the way the Team Power is calculated it was possible, for example, to pick a defense team of two fully leveled, fully ascended heroes that were on paper equal in Team Power with a full team of lower rarity heroes, but in practice that full team would be defeated in most cases.

:trophy: Scoring

Click for details on Scoring

NOTE: Hat tip to @DracoLovesRi for pointing out that there haven’t seemed to be “extra points” for a victorious attack:

New as of the Second Raid Tournament:

:shield: Defense Team Grade

Click for How Defense Team Grade Works

I found this was actually very clear and useful — and I think provides some insights into regular Raid Defense Teams too.

The grades are assigned based on a percentage of wins by your Defense Team:

The Defense Grade is determined based on the win percentage of your Defense Team. At the end of each Battle Day, you receive points based on your grade.

Percent Won Grade Points
60% A 900
50% B 650
40% C 500
30% D 400
0% E 200

My Personal Take on This:

The top grade in this approach was awarded to a Defense Team that won 60% of the time. To me, that’s a good confirmation of what many of us have long accepted: Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think — that is, they heavily favor the attacker, and even a top-notch Defense Team will lose much of the time.

:no_entry_sign: Restrictions

Each Week can have restrictions on:

  • Hero and troop rarity — e.g. only allowing 3* heroes and 2* troops or below

  • Elements — e.g. no red/fire heroes allowed

:dizzy: Special Rules

Click for details on Special Rules

Each week has ONE Special Rule in effect.

(At least in beta; it’s possible live Tournaments may sometimes have multiple Special Rules at once. If that ever happens, I would be surprised if we see that before core elements like matchmaking are working properly, so I anticipate a single Special Rule for the foreseeable future.)

The possible Special Rules are:

Whichever Special Rule is in effect for a given Tournament remains in effect for the entirety of that Tournament.

The Special Rule affects both Defense and Offense teams.

Some Clarifications/Expansions

  • Rush Attack makes all hero specials of any speed Very Fast — it doesn’t require Very Fast heroes, it turns all heroes into Very Fast heroes. Heroes that are normally Slow or Average can become quite powerful in this setting.

  • Bloody Battle makes any healing effects do nothing. It doesn’t prohibit healers, it just prevents the healing portion of their special skill from having any effect.

  • Buff Booster adds a stackable 20% attack buff to each hero for each active buff on that hero. Using heroes with special skills that grant buffs or multiple buffs can lead to very high attack boosts. These buffs stack with each other and normal attack buffs.

:gem: Rewards

The initial loot for Raid Tournaments was quite excellent in the top tiers, but that loot was only available during the very first Raid Tournament.

Click for Archive of First Tournament's Loot, before reduction

Acronyms in this table:

  • AM: Ascension Materials
  • EHT: Epic Hero Token
  • ETT: Epic Troop Token

Any of the tiers starting at top 75% have a chance for ascension mats.

Here’s the current breakdown for ascension mats, tokens, and Emblems (for simplicity, I didn’t include the Flasks, Atlantis Coins, Battle Items, and Crafting Materials that are in loot in addition to these):

Tier AM Chance EHT/ETT Chance Emblems Chance
75-100% 0 0 1 Draw: 100% x1
50-75% 1 Draw: 5% 3* 1 Draw: 5% EHT, 15% ETT 1 Draw: 20% x3, 30% x2, 50% x1
25-50% 1 Draw: 18% 3*, 2% 4* 1 Draw: 15% EHT, 25% ETT 1 Draw: 40% x5, 60% x3
10-25% 1 Draw: 22% 3*, 3% 4* 2 Draws: 20% EHT, 40% ETT 1 Draw: 40% x5, 35% x10, 25% x20
5-10% 2 Draws: 45% 3*, 5% 4* 2 Draws: 25% EHT, 45% ETT 1 Draw: 10% x50, 20% x30, 30% x20, 40% x10
1-5% 2 Draws: 95% 3*, 5% 4* 2 Draws: 40% EHT, 60% ETT 1 Draw: 5% x100, 30% x50, 30% x30, 35% x20
Top 1% 2 Draws: 90% 3*, 10% 4* 3 Draws: 50% EHT, 50% ETT 1 Draw: 25% x100, 50% x35, 30% x40

As of the Second Raid Tournament, loot was reduced due to problems with the Raid Tournaments. This was initially indicated as being temporary while issues were fixed:

The loot as of the Seventh Raid Tournament was very slightly tweaked. For discussion about this, please see this thread: The New, NEW Raid Tournament Loot

Click for details on Slightly Modified Loot as of Seventh Raid Tournament

As of the 13th Raid Tournament, it was announced that further updates to the loot were not planned:

For discussion/feedback about the reduced loot, please see this thread: When will raid tournament loot be returned to original loot? [Developer Response in Post #194] Answer = Never :-(

:bug: Bug Reporting

Please see these threads for existing bug reports before creating a new report

Click for Existing Bug Reports

:link: Related Links

Click for Older Threads


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Matchmaking in Raid Tournaments
Tournaments for 2* and 1* - Staff POLL post 142- STAFF RESPONSE POST 27 - 1* TOURNAMENT CONFIRMED THIS MONTH
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O yes , no chance for new players , 6 times 5 star tournament , 5 times 4 star tournament , 3 star tournament you can delete is useless, do not give any chance to new players

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Do you think a 2☆ tournament against people who can fully emblem 2☆ heroes and field level 20 1☆ troops will be fun for beginners?

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So what does controll who will get big targets with best points on them?
Cause it’s not fair that some people are starting to have 600+ points and others start with shaving teams with 400 or less!
This gives a big advantage to some people over others.
Especially on 3* fights.
I for my self wont ever be able to compete with 5* dudes. But why my 3* all +13 are not getting me higher targets to start with…I would love to be in top100 for change!

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Have you seen the main threads? We’ve been tracking data for each tourney. No one in this tourney should be starting at or coming anywhere near 600 points per attack this tourney (2578 is the top score at the moment…which jives with data). BTW, starting position is determined by best 5 heroes and best 5 troops that can be used for the tourney; some start with better scoring values, but you can catch up. Here is what I posted in the tourney 18 thread.

Post 1 last night:

(my max is 2380 TP for this tourney).

Therefore, if prior tourney data holds, we should expect (for us) the following:

  1. Start at 460 or 461 (based on best 5 TP)
  2. In general, an increase of the next opponent’s score value by 7 for a win; decrease the next opponent’s score value by 13 for a loss (day 1)
  3. If at least four of the five attacks are wins, then one of the defenders (usually the 4th or 5th faced) will have their score jump by 8 instead of 7
  4. By my math, assuming that I am not off, the maximum team power value that a maxxed 3* hero team with maxxed 2* troops and full 20 emblems on each hero could possibly have is 2925. They would start at 515 with their attacks in all likelihood
  5. In the past, the scoring wall for a 3* tourney has been about 525 (the highest I’ve seen reported is 523, but I think that defenses lose value somehow from losing [dev’s notes somewhere], so I’ll allow that there are higher defenses than 523…maybe even as high as 530)
  6. This has meant that the scoring patterns get weird after around 511 (typically) and really start bouncing up and down after 515 in no set range.

Post 2 today:

Day 1: 5-0, scoring acting as predicted last night (four +7 and one +8). 2373, top 5 percent (expected). 20736 rank. So day 2 should see me start roughly at 496 and start advancing by 5 if I win and decrease by 9 in a loss. We’ll see what happens.

So there is a rhyme and reason to it (we’ve been at it for a while now), and if you are curious, refer to the tourney 15-17 threads for how we (myself and a lot of help from others) went through the process of figuring it out. There’s a lot there.

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There is a very comprehensive study by @Wondermoose and other users colaborating on how points are awarded

I strongly recommend you to read that, but I’ll try to summarize it.

Your best 5 heroes according to the tournament restrictions define your best TP for that tournament and sets you a “starting score”. Better teams start better. Every time you win, new opponents will have a better score. If you lose, it’ll be worse. Score will continue raise if you keep winning until a point which is called “the wall”, that is the max score you can get from a win in a particular tournament.

So a player who has better 5 heroes than other, will have a higher starting point and a higher wall.


After reading this I’m still confused on how matchmaking works for attack. My daughter highest team is 3550 (triton 7 grimm 11 magni 12/4 cyprian and rigard). On first day the 5 teams she fight were between 3457 and 3818. On day 2 team power increased gradually from 3857 to 4075. and so on on days 3 /4 with now oponents at 4200/4316. On day 4 she got 3 defeats.
I can’t hardly understand how trtion grimm magni cyprian and rigard can be matched with magni kunchen aegir dalila persee (4176) or higher team

Are 1* tournaments going to take place as well?

The last time I asked the Small Giant Staff that was in June, and they said yes at the time:

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The last food fight left a very bad taste in so MANY mouths

But MANY others loved it…

Doesn’t matter what gets done. Some will love it, others hate it… That’s just life.


Hi! How about a raid tournament without cheating. I know its against your financial politics but with this you ruin the whole game. Thx!

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