Next Green 5*


My only full ascended green 5* is Heimdall so far, so who do you think is the best option for me? I have the following 5* sitting on my bench:
Bertila (3/70), Telluria (3/70), Costumed Horghall (3/70), Elradir (new), Magaret (3/70) & Costumed Elkanen (3/70).

My other 5* are:
Blue: Ariel & Glenda
Yellow: Joon, Uraeus, Thor,
Red: Yang Mai & Guardian Kong
Purple: Seshat & Freya
Green: Heimdall


Do you want to wait for better greens?
If not I take bertila up

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Bertila is good, but I’d prefer c-Horgall.
Good tank, awesome in very fast and his costume is easy to level.
Maybe you can decide in function of your emblems?

Edit: since you’ve already have Heimdall maxed, a fast green hero might be better. Margareth ain’t bad at all anymore

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My suggestion is not to gun for more slow heroes. Go for Elkanen and his costume instead. He is fast and gains from much from the costume bonus. Ask @JekylandHyde about him as he is regularly used by this player.


Thanks guys. Your suggestions will help a lot. I think I’ll go first for fast cElkanen since I have Heimdall as a defensive slow hero.
What do you think of Elradir? Will he be worth the mats?

Costume Elkanen is Fantastic—Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube :slight_smile:


Great Video. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Short question - which emblem path did you choose?

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He is on my attack teams so 100% attack. (6th place Ninja Tower; Top 10 in Challenge events). He is a beast. He was also on 100% of my teams when I ran up to 3,360 cups (2nd highest count that I am aware). I have a 2nd C Elk at 3/70 waiting on mats.


If you have no seen this, this is also worth a look. I am building a 2nd team like this:

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Wow, amazing! Sadly I have non of the others… :wink:

I know it’s another slow, but I quite like C Horghall. He is a beast in VF formats with that insane attack down…he would serve you well there, but he is slow. Margaret is also quite decent now and is VF. She would be a good choice too. I might wait until I had 11-12 tonics to pull the trigger on one of these, but that’s just me.

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I like him, too. After the last buff he is even better. But as mentioned above, Heimdall ist slow, too and I want something faster and more combative. Margaret is a defensive hero, too. Not bad after they buffed her, but still not that great. Or do I underestimate her?

Check this post. Midway there is an interesting discussion about her use in offence and defence.

She is an excellent offensive hero.

But if you doubt, you can indeed wait for more tonics.
Do you have 4* left to max? Best do that first if that’s the case (although I’m jealous of your green 5* hero’s :wink:)

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Honestly, I’d probably wait… At least til you have 12 tonics (or close to it), as imo, there are so many great green 5* out there in upcoming S4, Atlantis, costume portal, Valhalla, ToL and even Avalon (+ Lianna, maybe even normal Kadilen?!) that you could very well pull and max without regrets. Imo, with the heroes you have maxed already, I see no one that would significantly improve your roster enough to justify the 4* mats.

However, if chances are slim that you may pull anyone new in this element in the nearish future (ie you don’t do many pulls), and you really wanna max someone ASAP, may I suggest…

(Unpopular opinion here)

Telluria ?!

(I know, I know - I’m surprising even myself here with this one)

Okay, so why? Because I see absolutely zero mana control in your maxed 5* roster. & Imo, mana control - even a two turn mana gen slow like Telly’s - is too important to not have. Imo, it’s the (or one of the) most game-changing effects in this entire game.

+ Minions to pair with Freya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I obviously don’t love this option, but frankly, I think it’s your best. Her HOT will stack with Heimdall’s heal as well, so that you’ve got coverage all around (or another healer/support hero for war) + You get her ‘swiss army knife’ of abilities to deepen your roster a lil more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (bound to be one you find useful, right? :wink:)

But to break down the rest of your options ~

My 2¢

  • C. Elkanen really needs Evelyn to shine. His fast speed makes him pretty versatile for that alone, but overall, you’ll be disappointed with his damage output without someone around to buff his damage. Sure, he’ll be alright, but once you do pull Lianna (or literally any other offensive fast hitter), chances are he’ll get thrown on the shelf for good.

  • Margaret is a contender for her tile damage, which you could make use of for titans and offensive stacks, but again, she’s got about mid-range use with a dodge damage for 3 (so really situational, as only dependable against snipers). Her hit at VF speed def boosts her from being mediocre, but it still leaves more to be desired.

So if it becomes between these two, I’d choose Margaret for titans, or if you stack heavy (ie 3-2 or mono), or Elkanen for his SS damage output

  • C. Horghall/Bertila would both be great for VF rules. No doubt about it. C. Horghall would be more straight-forward, using him more for his attack ailment than anything else (solid for surviving against high-end titans), whereas Bertila would be more for her damage output - which is one of the highest you’ll see in the green element. However, her secondary effect is way too conditional to count on. & As you’ve said already, having Heimdall already maxed leaves little room for another slow mana hero in your team

  • Elradir sucks. Please don’t.

Hope this helps :relaxed:


Btw, if you do happen to have certain 4* maxed (and emblemed) like Hansel, Almur, Buddy, Marcel, etc, that could really sway the direction [of this decision] too, and be a solid deciding factor.

For example, if you do have Almur, then I’d go C. Elkanen no doubt. If you had Hansel (or even Peters), I’d be less inclined to suggest Telluria.


Thanks for your input. Yes, of course. There’ll be always 4* and 3* on the bench, waiting to become my next project. :wink: My last green 4* was Tettukh (now on 4+7) and currently I’m working on cMelendor. Next green 4* project will be Peters or Hansel, I think.

Wow. Thank you for your time and your detailed suggestion. That will of course helps me with my decision. :slight_smile: :+1:

Finish Hansel after c Mel.
This way Telly is less needed as RandaPandah already suggested.
Maybe you get a nice 5* in the meantime (or a new 4* like Almur).


The 1st 5* costume I got was the Elkanen one. Never thought about upgrading because, well, Elkanen. Have to rethink this now I guess.

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Hi @Ravah,

Yes, I felt the same. :wink: But right now I‘m really enjoying this hero in my mono stack. And look at his def-stats!

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