Green 5* ascension advice

Thoughts on final ascension please.
These are in the running:
I already have a fully emblemed Lianna & Heimdall.
Thank you in advance.

I’d go with Ratatoskr - he would help you increase your titan scores.

By the way, with your options, you shouldn’t give the tonics to neither Elkanen, nor Margaret.


I’m just going to piggyback off this thread if that’s okay. Thread titles would have been very similar. My question is easier. I can max a 5* Bertila now or max a 4* Hansel and wait for 3 more sturdy shields for Berty?

TIA. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you have Kadilen’s costume, then she wouls also be worth the mats

If it’s your first Hansel, I think I’d go for Hansel first. It might depend on your proposed use for Bertila

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A second piggyback question on green 5* ascensions.

I have Lianna, Horghall (green tank for war), Evelyn, Tarlak & Chameleon maxed.

My options are Bertila, Zocc, Margaret, Elkanen & Kadilen (no costumes available for the elf twins and not frightfully likely to change). I was wondering if someone else would be a better tank (I only had Lianna & Horghall the first time). My alliance member suggested Margaret for titans. Or I could consider someone else for war depth…

Generic green hero (tank/flank hero) that can do some terrible damage on offense if controlled properly but lacks Hansel’s versatility and usefulness as far as I can tell?

Bertila would be epic imo, in a rush attack format, but Hansel is fast all the time and mana control is under rated. And then, of course, I’m predominantly a 4 star player.

Thanks for your input. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not an expert, I just know that Zoc gets under my skin when I see that’s who I’m facing…


Among your selection of heroes, Ratatoskr deserves your tonics. He is one of the best heroes against blue titans in my book (along with Tarlak, Frigg, Fogg and Gregorion).

Go for Hansel. You may be lucky getting more unfarmable ascension mats for greens while doing so. Hansel is so hot. I have 2 maxed.

This depends on the availability of emblems. Among your choices, the ability to emblem the hero you opt to max is the point of consideration, especially more so if you are F2P and can only expect to get better greens out of sheer luck. If you have tons of unused rogue emblems, strangely enough for me since I really don’t like him, you may want to have Zocc in your attacking heroes as your mana controller. Fighter emblems lying in your inventory without much use may be good to Bertila. If you have more cleric emblems, Elkanen would pair well with your Eve since both are fast and hit the target and nearby. The same can be said of druid emblems for Kadilen. Impossible it may seem, you may get lucky getting any of the elves’ costumes. But people have already gotten legendary costumes without summoning using gems. I know I did back to back with Lianna and Joon last year.

Again, the availability of emblems would be a point of consideration. Margaret still is an exception to the rule for me.

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