Been gone for 9 months, anything changed?


I quit playing last November and would love some tips on what’s been going on and if there’s been any major changes.

I was around for costumes. I’ve played a little of season 3 over the last couple of days. Runes are fun.

I see people are still using multiple healers in bloody raid tournaments.

Is 8/7 still the best farming spot except when Atlantis Rises is going on?

Have there been any major nerfs to Thorne, Horgall, Quintas, Anzogh, Kadilen, Khagan? Are any of them considered average/good now?

Any help on my defense team would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been playing, left to right:

Sonya(costumed)+14 Domitia+1 Li Xui(costumed)+19 Anzogh+3 Elkanen+3

I also have:

Blue: Grimm+9, Thorne 1/1
Purple: No real substitute just Tibs+4, Proteus, Quintas 1/1
Yellow: G. Jackal +8
Red: Khagan 1/1, Scarlett +18
Green: Kadilen 1/, Horgall 1/1

Any other help or advice would?

P.S. @IvyTheTerrible I’m really sorry for disappearing without saying goodbye and thank you. I was in a pretty dark place but am feeling much better now.


Welcome back!

8-7 is still the best for recruits, but with a lvl 5 advanced house myself I find I have no need for recruits personally. I grind 12-9 for exp. Since you just came back to the game, you may want to hit 8-7 to fill your camps again and get a steady flow of feeders.

Thorne and Kadilen are both decent heroes IMO. Always have been in my opinion and I think the forum still underrates them despite having pretty good damage output for their speeds. Kadilen’s costume is specially useful.

Horghall and Quintus are only worth it with costume IMO.

Khaghan recently (literally today) received a damage buff. I’m still iffy on him though since he’s slow and he doesn’t really have the greatest defense stat either to charge reliably on offense.

Anzogh has picked up in opinion, he’s more mixed among the userbase now I find. Ever since tanks in war became dominantly green, he’s been more liked.

For now your defense is fine imo.

I’d get a head start on Season 3 if I were you so you can hopefully get something nice out of the portal next month.


Thanks @DaveCozy! I remember that name from back in the day.

Kinda thinking of changing my defense to

Li Xui, Grimm, Elk, Anzogh, Dom


Li Xui, Grimm, Anzogh, Elk, Dom

Any thoughts?

Li Xiu on wing is never a threat, even in 4* raid tournaments. I always ignore her there and leave her for last to pick off, since her damage is pitiful and the mana reduction doesn’t matter by that point as I can usually ghost matches to charge faster anyways.

I’d rather put G. Jackal in that spot personally (more threatening anyways than Li)

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You missed telly vela riots and chaos.

Now it’s already toned down by the government


You will soon find that with no fast or very fast team you can’t survive the power creep


Jacakl is not good on defense even thou I put him in my tournament… But I just lost
. So…

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I really don’t see any better option aside from him for a yellow wing in this roster personally.

Or personally I’d just stick with the original formation, since Li Xiu at tank (or even flank) is better.

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Haha quite alot good to av a brit back :+1:


Where’s the best place to 10 pulls these days?

Not Tavern of Legends. :stuck_out_tongue:

Every other one is ok. For me, Costumes is my favorite portal to pull as it can make some of those trainable heroes I get real powerful (and you only need 1 costume to make all duplicates more powerful).

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Tavern of Legends?

Welcome back.

Probably the biggest change is the proliferation of Telly. Once you’re back into raiding mode, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

There’s been a huge power creep with emblems too. And costumes have given new life to the S1 heros who were starting to get forgotten by the introduction of new heros.

Titans max at *14 and there is a lack of variety at this level.

Tournaments are every week, free loot! PoV - more free loot for daily active play.

Hopefully you can join/ rejoin a great alliance to help you too. Good Luck.


Thanks Sarah.

Yeah, I didn’t know her knick name but I’ve seen her a lot. My red stack of BT+8 Gormek+6 Anzogh+3 Scarlett+18 and Kelile 4/32 seems to be able to take down telly tank teams about 2/3 of the time.

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An event with 10 tiers that go up in difficulty as you progress. You can only use each hero once so plan your teams. Unascended 3* & 4* usually do the trick in the first few stages.

There’s also a ToL summons gate in the hope of nabbing an old Hotm - the odds are NOT in your favour! The worst % in all of the summons gates. Although having said that, I did get Gravemaker in the last one.


There is, or was, a formidable trio
GTV - Gravy, Telly & Vela, Telly not a problem, but Vela punished a red stack. Vela just got rebalanced so, this is a fun time to rejoin lol.


Do I need 10 healers for TOL?

I currently have:

BT, Kiril, Rigard, Melendor, 2nd BT 3/12, Hawkmoon ©+5, Belith+6

2nd Kiril and Rigard are at 1/1

Thanks for all yor help!

Guvnor is great with posting new threads so you can plan which heros to take. There are previous threads you can read through too.

Yes, healers are always useful :smile:


10 or more healers can be useful.
I am taking one for every level.
Even the unleveled ones are useful at the first levels.

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I could max a Sha Ji in a day and then burn him when the events over. It’s only once a month right?

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