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Hi everyone…

I really want to have that Hidden Blade and Warm Cape (the reward for completing Legendary Challenge of the current Teltoc event).

Tried the first stage just now with :
Sabina - Proteus - Rigard - Boldtusk - Gormek

And I barely win even the first stage… with Gormek at 5 HP. Seems extremely hard.

Thus, I need help to setup my attack team.

This is my current line-up. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated…

honestly seeing your roaster it will be really hard to win the legendary event without using tons of items (bombs, dragon attack, etc…) you need to ascend them more
your main problem is you didnt go with enough hitters as 3 healers and 2 support hitters will not do enough damage
try to go with Boldtusk caedmon grimm liana and either rigard or gormek
and take mana potions to fill up your healer if needed and i hope the board is in your favor
but as i said earlier it will be super hard to complete it without items and maybe gems to continue


It might be a bit tough in Epic to get to the end without lots of battle items. But I would try Boldtusk, Grimm, Caedmon, Rigard, Proteus. Keep Proteus alive as long as you can. Good luck


No way to beat legendary with this roster - sorry.
You will never reach the boss fight in lvl 10 with full item slots, which is necessary to beat them.


3 Healers is not a problem. I finished legendary with Kiril Rigard Melendor Scarlett and Wu Kong. Yes I used a yellow. I used minor heal potions at most for all stages except last, for which I used bombs and dragons.

I know my team seems wack but I just tried my most powerful rainbow team without a color stack strategy to test the waters first and I just kept going and going and before I knew it I finished.

I’m pretty confident about Epic now lol


Edit: I just noticed that the heroes of original poster isn’t 4/70; that’s the actual problem. Maybe possible if using many battle items?

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Stage 10

For Legendary you really need a good team of 4* 4.70 or preferably 4*+15 / 5* 4.80 heroes.

The difficulty goes from a ramp to a cliff from Stage 9 to Stage 10 ( see notes)


4* 4.70 heroes Rigard, Proteus, Boldtusk are standard on my Challenge event teams.

I am not sure if other heroes might be better or if it is possible with 4* 4.35 heroes.

I skipped Challenge events until Atlantis Rising ( must get all the World Energy flasks ) and Emblems ( must get all the emblems).

World energy

World energy is free, but without a team of 4*
4.70 heroes, I would complete the Rare and Epic before trying the Legendary.


As a general rule I recommend

2x rainbow 3* 3.50 teams
3x to 4x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams
then use 3* ascension items
2x rainbow 4* 4.70 teams
2x rainbow 5* 3.70 teams
then use 4* ascension items

( see notes)


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Hello everybody. This is my last stage of teltoc legendary. Hope I help you getting that loot. Follow the steps


I think you could get through legendary using Boldtusk - Gormek - Grimm - Rigard - Proteus. The key is to keep Proteus’s mana stop running almost constantly on the boss levels while keeping yourself alive with double healers. It’ll be a slow grind, so you’ll need to bring mana potions to keep Proteus and your healers firing at opportune moments. Gormek and Grimm will help your damage by lowering enemy defense. You should consider bringing tornadoes and time stops on the last few levels to bail yourself out of any tough situations. It won’t be easy, but you can get it done.


Я играл так. Прошёл Эпические легко. Жду энергии. Легендарные 1 уровень легко


Agree with the above posters, your team isn’t leveled enough. Bring Caedmon, Grimm and Boldtusk as they are your only 4*s in final ascension. for the last two - I prefer Proteus and Rigard. Proteus’ mana block is key, and Rigard gives you a second healer. Plus, you double-stack Purple.

Gormek could be a consideration too, but I think Proteus and Rigard have more helpful skills.

Depending on how it goes, you could switch out Rigard for Lianna.

Sabina is just too low-level to be of help here.


Such detailed responses. Thank you very much good Sir. You are amazing!!

And thank you everyone for your help as well.
I managed to beat Epic just now.

Will try to go for Legendary next.

I will try going with @sleepyhead and @JGE 's suggestion first and see how it goes…

Caedmon - Grimm - Boldtusk - Proteus - Rigard

I can ascend one purple to final ascension right away. The amount of stored food (RT 13) and recruits I have been keeping should be enough to take either Proteus or Rigard to 4.70 before the challenge ends.


Normally I would recommend Rigard first, but if you want just to finish Legendary then Proteus 4* 4.70 is insanely powerful against triple bosses. Just take 2x slots of mana potions so Proteus can keep all three Bosses from firing.

After getting Proteus to 4* 4.70, if you can level Boldtusk, he is very handy ( see notes) not as helpful as Wu Kong, but no Wu Kong with reflect yellow and Proteus does not play nice with Gambler’s stance.


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Finishing epic without any item and legendary with a few…


Rare done, with this:

Epic done, with this:

Legendary in progress… :gift_heart:


Unfortunately I have to agree with others. You will find it difficult on hard. Other events you might dovish but guardians are tanky and owl punishes extra for each down enemy.
I did it with magni, mitsuko, boldtusk, domitia and kiril. All maxed with emblems but bt he is max but magni has the emblems.
You can try getting to final and nuke with axes, bombs and dragons but that still leaves them at about 2k each.
I tell people in the hard final if they really can’t beat it that using 75 gems is ok. Normally I say don’t continue but you will get good mats and a token. Since a summonbis 300b gems you are only spending 75 andc you get a token for the summon plus the mats. Hope that helps…good luck.


Using this team for Legendary. 1 level to go. No problems so far only needed to use small healing potions every once in a while.



Thank you very much everyone for all your suggestions and help. To be honest… if it weren’t for you guys’ suggestion I would have give up already. Thank you.

What I did is I used up all my feeders from RT 2 and RT 11… ascend Proteus to his final ascension and push all the feeders plus almost all my stored food in RT 13 to Proteus.

And then just hope for the best.

It was hard… but fortunately I managed to do it.

Fin01 Fin02


… continue, legendary done with this:


Hi guys,

I would like to complete epic quest of that event.

For now I managed to complete 9 / 10 stages. Haven’t tried last one yet.

My roster: Grimm 3-60, Kelile 3-56, Cyprian 4-35, Nashgar 3-50 and some talents (I use him for the synergy with fast mana Kelile vs many green opponents) and 3-10 Wu Kong to make my hits harder.

I use 5 bomb attacks, 5 axes attacks, 20 small hp potions and 10 small mana potions for wukong / Cyprian.

I really need that Orb of Magic as I have only 2 and need to ascend Wu and Jackal and also warm cape would be amazing so I can give Grimm last AM.

My question is: is it possible to finish the last stage with 2800 team power?

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Finished legendary with nice strategy…

With one revive scroll


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