Guardians of Teltoc teams

These will be my main teams for event, can make slight changes depending on stage. Legendary just for finishing of course :slightly_smiling_face: What will you bring for this one?

Hel, Proteus, and Chochin will be amazing for completing this event due to their three-target mana control. There are the teams, troops, and items I’ll be using. I’m just looking to complete Rare and Epic, but am hoping to win or get top 10 in Legendary.


Good luck, you have the tools! :grinning:

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Who is the avatar prize for winning legendary, that’s the best usually to get in that in my opinion?

Probably an Osterhase.

I don’t care about avatars…

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Kein Osterhase, that will be springvale!:slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m just going for completion across the board. Give me my emblems and rare mats and go home. Spending for 150 WE flasks? Ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that! (Well, apparently some do, but not me!)

For rare, I unfortunately have only Prisca maxed in purple, and she’s terrible. I don’t want to bring the reflected color (yellow) either, so I’ll probably roll with something like:

  • Hawkmoon 3^50+18
  • Valen 3^50+13
  • Brienne 3^50
  • Gato 3^50
  • Namahage 3^50

I’m much better off in purple for Epic. My team will be:

  • Grimm 4^70
  • Sabina 4^70+6
  • Tiburtus 4^70+6
  • Gormek 4^70+6
  • Melendor 4^70+5

In Legendary, I’ll probably switch out Gormek for Onatel 3^70. Yeah, she’s yellow, but I need the mana control, and she doesn’t hit that hard, so maybe the reflect damage will be manageable. Just don’t fire her special unless it is against the boss. With two healers, I think I can keep her alive, and she’ll be a net positive. My only other 5-stars are Poseidon 1^1 and Domitia 1^1.

Is that so, that someone uses 150 flasks? I have 10, use them and win back half of that, get 5 over time to next event, have 10 again. How many do you use on average @Wharflord ? About avatars, I Like having ones not everyone has, will never have red hood, but would give diamonds for Frida. I was happy when I got that ice dragon guy from Atlantis or the vampire girl, even bought the water drops and fox. no one in my little alliance cares about that :smile:

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I’m almost positive I saw someone post that a few weeks ago. I knew right then I was out.

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After all you pay say 100 bucks to get top loot and even more to be rewarded with an event hero? Pretty much indeed. No way…

don’t be that negative about event completion. I have been playing this since November, so there are thousands of players with better rosters than me. Despite of the odds, I managed to reach top 100 in wonderland (rare). The key is to be very careful choosing the team for EACH stage, as not all enemines are of the reflected colour. I just spent the extra energy the game gives for each event. Rewards could be better, but I don’t mind about it. I just wanted to see my nickname in the top 100


I leveled up Cheshire Cat primarily for yellow Titans but think he’ll do good here, especially because I’m still short a Tiburtus. He’s just 3/60 though which might mean he’ll take a beating in do epic tier.

Also might be redundant with a max+7 Wilbur…

Just aiming for tier completion, not hoping to rank or anything.

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I used about 80 to win Panther. I’d use a similar number to win legendary. It’s definitely not free to win events, but often cheaper than hoping for a lucky pull.


Wow that’s a lot, thanks for the info, chances got better with owl and red hood leaving the game! :smile: Hope for top 100 rare (was near last time with no fully leveled) and 1500 epic (with lucky boards). Will keep an eye on your performance and wish you the best! :slightly_smiling_face: you got some advice on these events for me/us? Always thinking about giving wu a chance, but don’t think in this one?

I’ll give cat a try for first time in events, have to take care that he doesn’t fire over proteus. Think his holy debuff will help a lot on speed!

So, two things:

First, the 150 flasks reference likely came from @Kerridoc:

Second: sounds like son kicks father’s butt on Challenge Event scoring efficiency. :wink:

@Kerridoc said something nice about that at least once:


Yes, i got headache everytime after my 3rd flask, will be the days for Aspirin, hope Zero and Wharflord get discount at the drug store! Zero might be the top favorite with this dedication, i like his hatter avatar, don´t know why he switched back :slightly_smiling_face: I´ll give it all to rare and epic, but i am too slow, maybe i should take a smaller device, not my ipad pro giant display and always a little short on battle items! Looking forward to it, “leave some to the rest of us”, like Stephen Colbert said to Bradley Cooper! :laughing:

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This worked perfectly…


Epic without any item #1900 on the first attempts. Only Wu died last stage. All other stages were simply cleaned below 4 minutes… Proteus is cool, but it takes to long to kill the bosses. Brought him to legendary, but will try sth else.


Here’s what I used.


My team of non maxed epics as shown above was able to beat the legendary mode at reasonable score.


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