Bayana <--- hop in, be active and have fun

Join us - Bayana:

  • simple and clear rules,

  • 130k alliance, and we’re not crazy about top 100, but growing fast,

  • min. 2400 trophies required,

  • titans: 9-10*,

  • AW requirements: prowess, 6 hits, common strategy, but no strict commands like when or who to attack,

  • we expect daily activity, but we accept absent notes (communicated in advance),

  • you may be chatty or quiet - it doesn’t bother us,

  • help from very experienced members easily available,

  • our members come from all over the world,

  • we respect each other,

  • we exist over 1,5 year and we aren’t bored yet :crazy_face:

ortega (treser)

status update 07/08/2018: 2 spots available

status update 13/08/2018: 3 spots available

status update 17/08/2018: we’re full, sorry

status update 31/08/2018: 2 spots available

Hi @Ortega,

Do you guys use Discord or Line?

Nope, only in-game chat. We don’t force anybody to install other apps on their devices :smiley:

status update 07/09/2018: 1 spot available

status update 25/12/2018: 1 spot available

Recieved an invite from this group. I am interested in joining, but only if happycamper1987 could come with. He is daily player and active participant for titans and wars.

Thanks for your response, Rogue. Unfortunately we have only one spot free atm :frowning:

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