"Here to Have Fun" is looking for A few members

Pretty tight knit group looking to add 8 members to our alliance. We are group that likes to have fun and have very few basic rules:

  1. You have to hit the titan (if you know you will miss just let us know and it won’t count against you) if you miss more than 2 titans you are out.
  2. You don’t have to battle in war but if you do just use all of your hits.

We are battling 7/8* titans but if you have 400+ cups you can help us get back to 9 star titans or more.

Alliance is : Here to have fun. Come join us

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Your alliance sounds similar to the one I’m in.

We are also hovering around 22-24 members. Family-like alliance, a very close group.
All but a couple are 4000+ TP

We fight 8-9* titans. Can kill 10* but then must rest. If we were 30/30 members we could fight 11*, perhaps 12.

Recruiting is hard. Recruiting eight is 8x harder. Would you consider a merger? Each take our top 15?

If interested in discussing, please contact me on Line @ modernthinker


Thanks for reaching out. As much as that offer sounds appealing, I don’t think we have 7 people that we can boot. We do have some strong teams but this group was built from scratch and we have good relationships here that I don’t think we’d want to change. I’ll bring it up to the leadership team and let you know.

Totally understand. It might not work well from our end either, but I’m looking for new options and to explore discussions, as recruiting has been a challenge. Cheers.

Still looking for players to join come join us!

Nick and Modern, can you tell more about you war win ratios? Please be honest ;). Myself and my gf are looking for alliance with some hardcore players, we are new to the game, but as I said quite hardcore players never missing energy ;). respectively 2,2 and 1,3k trophies.

Wiheros 120094 is total score 50495 for titan and 31131 for war. We had much better numbers and were at nine star titans but had people drop so we lost about 8 people and need to build back up. We have lots of people who have been together for almost a year and some new member so we are helping them grow…easy going group we want to get back to 9 titans etc just want people who want to get there with us. Would love to have you guys.

Looking for 8 more members. Come join us.

Have space for 7 more people come join us hitting 8* titan.

Come join us 6 spots left!!!

4 more spots come on you won’t regret it.

Definitely interested. I’m in a good alliance but looking for a change of crew . If your interested look me up and let me know. My teams stronger and I’m on constantly. Games addicting lol.

Ninernation as long as you have 400 cups no worries come join us you’ll see we are a good bunch

Ninernation come join us we could use ya.

5 more spots come join us!

We are still looking for 5 people to join our alliance. We use line to communicate along with in game chat and are very easy going fun people. Come join us.

Still got 5 spots left come join us.

Alright folks the alliance is filling up…we need four more people to bring us to max…

Need four more people to join us…

Need a few More people …this is a great group that you’ll definitely like…come join our alliance

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