Friends & Allies now only looking for 2 more active, fun players

Friends & Allies looking for 3 new members for our main alliance. We also have a couple spots in FA Recruits for new or those still growing.

*For our main alliance we are looking for active, fun, friendly players who want to join our family.

*We require you hit all titans, use all war flags and follow our war strategy.

We are currently hitting 10 and 11* titans.

*War, Chat and Line is optional but encouraged

*For Defence (main alliance, no requirements for recruits)we want TP 3750+, 1800 cups.

We really are a great bunch of players from all over who are serious players but still understand real life and love to have fun.

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Pinks Hello,
Really I have some questions? I currently am in an alliance that is super chill but I am beginning to think I have outgrown them. I currently sit at TP:3550 and 1200-1500 cups thus a little short of your mins. My questions are am I limiting my growth by sitting in an alliance that is only hitting 4-6 stars Titans and win every other war or so. I am just awaiting ascension mats to further grow, but won’t get those drops as we only hit lower level Titans. Should I begin to consider more experienced alliances? Or is it just a matter of biding my time?

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Hi Pelz,

It just depends is your alliance growing or staying about the same? If it’s not really growing and you want to learn and grow more a bigger alliance is going to benefit you. Our main might be too big for you at the moment but our recruits one has from meme or about 8* titans and they will help in war etc. We also have a main chat that both alliances use to ask for help from more experienced players and have albums full of information to help you. The bigger the titan the better the loot but you still need to do a titan that’s not to big or you won’t be able to get the scores needed that’s why I think recruits would be good for you. When you grow further you then move up to main when a spots available so still stay with the family. Hope that helps and feel free to ask any other questions. I’m more than happy to answer.

Still looking for a couple of active players who would love to join a fun active alliance.

We have filled one position but still have 2 spots available. If you think you would be a good fit would love to have you check us out :two_hearts:

Sorry for my late reply to my original post (which got closed), I went to ravens of winterfell.

I’m glad you found somewhere :two_hearts: If you though it doesn’t work out let me know and I’d be happy to help find you a place in FA recruits or once strong enough Friends & Allies. Please also feel free to chat if need any help with the game as more then happy to do so.

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