Established alliance looking to fill remaining spots

We are looking to fill 5 or 6 spots to round out our roster. Our leader is part of a top 100 alliance and is helping us grow with his alternative account and sharing his knowledge of the game.

Our players range from level 25 to 50 and we help the lower level players grow with our knowledge and suggestions as well as keep the veterans on their toes with strategy and competition. Currently hitting 7/8/9* titans and have 18-20 participating in every war.

We welcome all and only ask you hit the titan daily and use all flags if participating in wars.

Contact pilgrimdave on the line app or reply here with any questions.

I’m level 24 about to be 25. I attack every Titan and use all flags in wars. The clan I’m currently in only has 6 to 8 people participating in wars and titans and never communicate so I’m looking for one with more active members. I just joined here and realized I messed up merging all my >4s into my 5s so I’m working on them now.

You would fit with us perfectly. You are the kind of player that has made a mistake or 2 but wants to learn. I’ve had my fair share of mistakes but the leader of our group gave me good advice and now i’m helping others who were like me.

If you have the line app you can contact pilgrimdave or search for 12bore in the alliances section of the game.

Stop by, give us a try and if it seems like a good fit then invite some other teammates to join with you. The more the merrier :slight_smile:

I just joined. I needed to wait until our war was over.

What line app? I have this app and the game

We still have 2 or 3 spots to fill if anyone is still looking for a good established active alliance.

We recently removed a few inactive players so there are a few spots that opened up if you are still looking for a nice new home of friendly people :slight_smile:

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