Big hitters looking for player and chat buddy

Were a 125kish score alliance. We have 10 of us who can hit the #1 spot globally whenever we want but in my opinion most anyone can do that. What we are looking for is someone who has depth for war that can usually score more than 150 points per war and hit titans seriously. However we require line. Line activity is a must. If your politically correct and get offended easily this alliance isnt for you. We cut each other down often and do nothing but joke all the time. We love our chat in line and thats a big part of what were looking for. We can kill 10* titans when we want but half the times a lot of us only hit the titan for 100k or so that way we can save mats for special events. Were super laid back. We only require you hit the titans and misses here and there arent an issue as most members are just active from the fun of the game. We put real life first and are extremely lenient and give lots of slack when a member suddenly disappears for a bit. We do require full communication and flag usage in war. We dont care about trophy requirements so long as you can field 6 teams over 2900 power in war. Everyone that is in our alliance is like family. We have 3 spots open but we only like to fill one at a time. We want to make sure your a fit before we find another player. Our alliance is pieces of eight.

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