14 spots now available - Wild Frontier looking for new members

Wild Frontier needs reliable hitters… We have a good core loyal team, with a bit of funky chat, and currently hitting between 5* - 7* Titans, and would like to hit higher.
Needing players with a bit more dedication than ones we’ve booted for inactivity (There’s always a discussion first)
Check us out, and if you’re keen, jump in.

Hello would be open to a merger with equator alliances? We have a group the immortals that can take your whole group . Your leadership would have a voice with the equator alliances and play hand in hand. If there is interest please inquire with the equator alliances post. We do require discord as a communication tool. Thanks

Hey mate, cheers for the offer. Kinda just want people to jump into ours for the long haul at this stage.
I don’t even know how the Discord thing works anyway, hahaha.
If you know anyone keen to join us, feel free to pass them on to us.
I’ll check out your teams in the meantime though, and again, thanks for the offer. :smile:

I’ve got a group of 12 in Gummi Bear Ninjas. We may be open to joining you. Most of us are on daily. Most of us are level 50+. We want a casual, but active, alliance.

What level of inactivity resulted in dismissal for members?

We’re pretty casual but daily also… Booted inactive usually after 100 days, mainly cos of the current palaver going on, so fairly lenient, but prefer people hitting. Nothing worse than seeing people online and not having a crack at the Titan, or War.
Feel free ro jump on board and chuck your first message with your current/former team name and I’m sure all will give yous all a warm welcome. We’d be glad to have as many of ya that would like to join.
I’ll check out your team soon and promote all current status you hold too if/when you jump in.

Line id pootoise throw a mail and see what and how we could make this

I’m a bit of a noob on here… Might want to explain that better to me :smile:

If you want to join the team, that’s all good.
Just have to meet the Trophy criteria.

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