Barbarian emblems and Tank doubt

Hi everyone!

I`m here again, with a lot of doubts… lol

My actual defese: Sartana +7 - Drake +11 - Black Knight +14 - Vela +11 - Kingston +9
Troops 18 and 19

Today i put Gravemaker full :heartbeat:, and Clarissa full too.
Clarissa i have 1000 emblems to her, and i wll change her with Sartana.

It`s good idea reset BK emblems and put all in GM, and remove BK from Tank and defense, and use only in attack?

I dont have another Tank, but a lot of players tell me to max GM, and BK after Malosi, turn a little bit easy to pass thru…

Thanks for any advice!

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As much as we all love grave maker, I’d be hard pressed to remove black knight. I’d consider embleming clarissa and removing sartana and putting Clarissa as left flank.

Tough call, I’d never thought I’d ever say GM doesn’t fit here

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Would reset BK and give all the barbarian emblems to GM…BK without emblems is still a very reliable option (I think around 830 defense without emblems). Sartana - GM - Clarissa - Vela - Kingston could be e great defense imo.

That’sa tough decision…my only Tank are BK, same element and same class of GM.

If i have Telluria, or at least Yunan, i dont think twice to put all emblems in GM and put he in defense, with Vela, Drake and Clarissa.

But without another tank, its hard to fit GM in this team.

I am leaning to BK than GM here.
BK is better as Tank than GM, in the real situation, I prefer facing GM more than BK

Very true. All great heroes, but don’t mesh. It’s like have 5 wide receivers and no quarterback.

In this case, you think Clarissa at least +15 its a good option to Tank position?

And i have Drake to put on Sartana`s place, or Sif too, its an alternative

Clarissa does have some success at tank. Hmmm

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I have Sif on my defense and love her there. But I’d kick her to the curb if I had drake.

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The game make me a prank in my first month: give me 8 Drake`s

I have Poseidon, Malosi and Sif in 3.70, testing to choose who levelup first.

I like all 4 of those heroes. Very useful in different ways.

Yes with Drake instead of Sartana it is a deadly, punishing, very fast team. No time to breath against that.

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I start thinking about it today after see an video from uclapack about Barbarians and emblems.

She said she dont use emblems in BK because its is great in attack without emblems, because in defense, BK loose they advantage in front of Malosi special`s…

BK is a better hero than Gravemaker, period, IMHO… He’s got far more synergy potential and is truly gamechanging in many ways.
That’s not to say GM isn’t excellent, he’s a truly elite hero, but BK is exceptional.

However, the emblems benefit GM much more - BK will quite often be your last man standing (on offense) anyway, so using emblems to beef him up is somewhat redundant… GM gains additional DoT and that will probably make more of a difference.

I would always recommend building your deck for offense and building the best defence available to you…
Clarissa (or actually Drake does quite well also) will make a serviceable tank with the level of emblems you’re giving them - play around with it and see what holds best (either way, you’ll be comfortably in diamond).

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Unemblemed, a maxed Black Knight already has stats almost at par with some heroes emblemed to the brim. I suggest placing all emblems to Gravemaker and make Clarissa your tank since she is decently emblemed.

Gravemaker - Drake Fong - Clarissa - Vela - Kingston

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