Balur – 5* Ice / Blue - December 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

This is hero is a joke. Worse than Magni. How can you not listen to beta players and release over powered event heroes and then release a hero that is pure garbage.

With fast mana speed it would be an ok hero. Far from OP, Still much better snipers out there, but a solid sniper. Even then i wouldnt be sure if i would level him, but he would at least be useful to many other players.

This is just ridiculous.


Soul exchange fodder.

Can you please add that option?


In the live game the passive ability is significantly better than in the description in the OT (or maybe it was just a mistake). It now heals 20% HP not just 20. So it does 331 HP (when at 4/80 +20 LB) each turn for three turns.
Still not great, but at least better.


So he is more or less a blue Tyr/garjammal(how ever this S4 hero is spelled) in average speed…

I actually like Balur.

For such a terrible HoTM, it is a no brainer for me to put every single copy that I pulled into the SE oven and wish him all the best there.

This is actually better than the mediocre HoTM like Morax, as it is a struggle to decide whether you need to spend resource on him. Then once you pull the trigger, you may regret later lol.

Balur being completely broken makes the decision making process so much easier.


December hotms were always kinda “meh”, even Grimble (now is great, when he came out there weren’t much minion generator).
What makes me laugh is that SG thinks a lot of players would pull in xmas, when halloween heroes are in average A LOT better.

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He is worst than Klaern. Klaern can be usefull in rush, Balur is useless in every aspects of the game.


Last year it was Hanitra, who is still quite usefull and can be pain on defence


Yup, when she was announced she get some hype, cause she was a “cheap” dodger. But right now I almost never see her on defense, and general consensus (as far as I know) is that without damage she’s too unreliable.



Agreed. Still have her unlevelled, having C Kadilen, Inari and Bastet I will probably never max her. But as she have some use, I still can’t bring myself to trade her in SE. I won’t have the same problem with Balur :grin:


Calling SG. Please report to the
Headquarters of

‘‘Buffs R’ Us’’



Please show this Hotm some love (while you’re tending to Klaern at the same time.)


As f2p I’m always trying to get the HOTM even when comments are “meh”.

This will be the first one I will entirely skip since I can’t find any use for him nor think of possible niche options in the future.

The card is what it says… an average - and fairly weak - sniper


Without superior talent….20 characters of without


Tinsel and this guy released in the same day is today’s joke.


Balur is clearly a poor HOTM and I can’t see any positives besides the Element link. I wrote a fun post about him on my blog for those interested:

Thank you.


Balur, the incompetent brother of grimble


Check the letter, this hero can be fixed without having to give him a buff. He says it regenerates 20% vitality in his passive ability, but when I tried it I only recover 20 vit points and not 20%

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Should change him to Fast.
Then he is just okay.

Now he is… Same lvl as Klaern.
Why are Blue HoTMs so bad this year?


Only if you don’t have any better AOE hitter, for example Isarnia… When I see Klaern in defence team I never reroll, it’s a sure win.
I prefer using a 4* Frank to him. At least you don’t need 4* AMs to ascend.